Fuzion Z350 Pro Scooter


The Z350 complete is built around Fuzion’s Signature Dog Bone design deck. This Dog Bone style allows for impact force to be distributed evenly around the decks outer surface to making this one of the toughest and lightest decks around. Fuzion’s exclusive Dog Bone design makes finger whips and deck grabs easier than ever.. Fuzion’s neck tube uses the same Dog Bone design as with the deck and is internally reinforced for added strength and durability. Whether you ride the streets or the bowls the new Z-350 is the one for you. Z350 comes equipped with an HIC compression system, Neco sealed headset bearings, Light weight steel fork, “Merge” Y bars, alloy Quad clamp, lightning fast ABEC 9 bearings, 110mm PU and cast aluminum core wheels and flex brake.

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Fuzion is a quality brand with a solid team of riders lead by Tyler Chaffin. Their 2018 Z-Series put them on the map as a major player in the scooter industry.


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