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We cover more than pro scooters @ ProScooterSmart. Below you'll find a collection of electric scooter product reviews and buyers guides to help you make the most informed decision when it comes to two wheeled electric transportation.

GoTrax XR Ultra In-depth Review: Best New Electric Scooter?
Riding an electric scooter is becoming one of the best ways to travel to-and-fro if you’re living in the city[...]
Can Two People Ride an Electric Scooter?
Riding electric scooters are increasingly popular these days. Not only does it give us a new mode of transportation that’s[...]
Are Electric Kick Scooters Legal in NYC?
  Trying to get around in the hustling bustling city can be a huge inconvenience especially when you just need[...]
Can You Buy a Bird Scooter?
Bird is a rental service company that offers electric scooters to citizens in countries such as Europe, the Middle East,[...]
Can You Get a DUI On a Scooter?
It’s a well-known fact that electric scooters have become more popular these days, not only in the US but throughout[...]
Razor Dirt Quad Review – Is It Worth The Price?
Children will become more and more adventurous and imaginative as they grow up. They want to explore every possibility when[...]

Electric Scooters Reviewed

These are the review articles centered around electric scooters.