Lucky EVO 5.0 Complete



Lucky wanted to make sure the Evo 5.0 would look as flawless as it rides. That’s why Lucky put in a call to Tireman Studio, a Seattle-based graphic design company owned by artist, Shogo Ota.

Shogo Ota is the mastermind behind the Evo’s otherworldly deck art. Chances are you’ve seen his work before — Shogo Ota has created custom art for brands like Starbucks and Red Bull.

Grab the Evo 5.0 in your favorite color and get ready to turn heads at the skate park!

Trusted by the World’s Best Riders

As the first company to release an aftermarket CNC-machined scooter deck and one-piece forks, Lucky learned through trial and error what it takes to build unbreakable parts. Today, Lucky works with the best manufacturers, industrial designers, engineers, and urban illustrators from around the world to create products that are amazing to ride, functionally superior to anything on the market, and works of art.

Lucky’s never-ending pursuit of perfection and commitment to advancing the sport is why so many of the world’s top riders ride Lucky.


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