Ride 858 Mini BMX Freestyle Bike

The Ride 858 Hi Fli is our revolutionary Mini BMX with spring attachment for extra bounce.

It’s the newest and latest, taking the world by storm, giving you higher hops and softer landing.

If you are not a fan of the spring, not to worry, its only an added attachment that can be easily swapped over at any time with just two bolts allowing you to ride this beast.

The BMX bike is still bad to the bone with its 10″ x 27″ bars and HTS 3 piece crank giving you the stability and movement of your normal BMX.

Ride this bike however you like and don’t settle for anything less with Hi Tensile Steel Frame and Forks and high quality 858 rubber grips plus user friendly front load system.

Patent spring and solid attachment, developed by our Team of 858 Professional Riders who believe in providing the best quality products on the market.

Developed by us in the way we want to ride plus we offer a Warranty on parts.

Contact us whenever you need and add this to your cart and start riding this Bad Boy today ……


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