District C152 Pro Scooter


District Scooters was founded in 2007 as the pioneering brand of the modern freestyle scooter movement, setting the standard for scooter design, manufacturing and performance. Before District there was not a single brand on the market that offered custom freestyle scooter parts. District wrote the rules, others have only followed.

District proudly serves a diverse and international rider base with the highest performing products on the market. From the most hardcore rider, to the kid just hitting the street, District offers unparalleled freestyle riding.

Bringing back the C152, District has increased the bar and deck size. This intermediate to advanced level scooter has been updated to include mini HIC compression. The C152 deck is also very similar to the classic DK decks.

Deck – 4.5″” W x 20.5″” L

Bars – 23.6″” T x 22″” W

Wheels – 110mm

Compression – Mini HIC

Headtube Angle – 81 degrees

Concave – 3 degrees

Weight – 7.7 lbs


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