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best envy pro scooters

Who is Envy Pro Scooters?

If you are looking for the best pro scooters in the market, you can never go wrong with the makers of Envy Pro Scooters: Blunt Scooters.

Established in 2009 in Melbourne, Australia, the company originally sold aftermarket parts for other scooter brands since, at that time, the scooter industry was still growing. They sold parts such as clamps, grip tape, Chromoly bars, and many more which are often lauded for its high quality make.

But, when they saw the growing number of riders in the country, they started making their own scooters and started shipping them across the globe. Like the quality of their aftermarket parts, Blunt Scooters were designed to assist riders to enjoy the sport through their products.

Each scooter is made with the best materials and will last a lifetime for its users. They also continue to research to improve their scooter lineup to help the scooter industry to grow, as well as ensure riders get a flawless experience during their ride. 

If you are wondering why they are known both as Blunt Scooters and Envy Scooters, the reason is due to the naming issues the company experienced in 2011. Today, the brand "Blunt Scooters" is used for scooters released in Europe and the UK, while Envy Scooters are for scooters released the rest of the world. They feature the same quality the brand is known for despite the name.

The Best Scooters Envy has to Offer

Since they have been in the industry for years, Envy has released quite a lot of scooters to accommodate its growing rider numbers. Down below are the best scooters the company has to offer to all sorts of riders that we recommend:


1. Envy One S2— Best Affordable Option

ONE Series 2 Complete - Teal
Are you looking for a scooter that grows with you? The Envy One S2 is the perfect scooter for you. This scooter comes with durable tensile steel bars, TPR handgrips and supporting parts to hold things together. The wheels are made from high-performance Polyurethane to improve its ride in any road conditions.Riders will enjoy the unique 6061-T6 Extruded Aluminum deck which has a high quality finish which adds to the cool style of this scooter, as well as nylon breaks for safety.

Standout Features

  • Easy to assemble
  • Customizable
  • Smooth ride
  • Durable 

Best Envy Scooter for Beginners

The Envy One S2 is perfect for beginners for two reasons: it offers customization and the materials it uses. As it markets itself, it is a scooter that grows with new riders.


As you improve, you can modify the scooter to fit your riding style and personalize it with any aftermarket parts in the market. Meanwhile, it uses durable materials like aluminum, tensile steel and Polyurethane to ensure the scooter won’t break easily. 

2. Envy Kos S6 Heist

Envy Scooters KOS S6 Complete Scooter - Heist
The Heist series is one of Envy’s best sellers and the sixth generation reflects Envy’s pro-level setup for advanced riders looking for a flexible and lightweight scooter. When users get the Heist, they will enjoy high quality parts that ensure that the scooter is held together well and still remain lightweight. It is also very safe to use thanks to the nylon brake system it has, as well as the strong materials that hold together this scooter.

Standout Features

  • It comes with a 20” x 4.9” x 13.8” lightweight aluminum deck with Matte Midnight finish and the Reaper Hand logo which has a good foot base for users.
  • It comes with comfortable TPR Black Hand Grips using high quality grip tapes, which is perfect to hold on to the scooter as it is used 
  • It has V2 declare black fork and matching black clamps to hold the parts together in one place. 

Best Envy Scooter for Intermediate to Advanced Riders

The product features of the Envy Kos S6 Heist definitely puts it in the list of the best Envy scooters for advanced riders. Its lightweight body allows riders to adjust their ride to fit their preferences without affecting its ride quality.


It is also made from sturdy materials, which will be perfect for these riders since they can take the scooters to the next level without worrying about the scooter not being able to handle it.

3. Envy Kos S5 Charge

KOS Series 5 Complete - Charge
Want a flexible scooter that can handle any type of ride? The Envy KOS S5 Charge is suitable for freestyle and stunt riding thanks to its sturdy body. It is held together by 2 Bolt-forged clamps and bolts made from high quality Aluminum. The wheels glow in the dark and held together by Polyurethane cores which are bonded for performance. The scooter also uses an upgraded spacer system to ensure that it is safe to use.

Standout Features

  • Nylon bars come with TPR grips for better user grip as they use the scooters
  • Glow in the dark 120mmx26mm hollow core wheels and 86a grade Polyurethane within which will not suffer from de-hubbing 
  • It uses the new KOS 6061-T6 Aluminum Deck with new designs to fit any user

Great for Intermediate to Advanced Riders

The S5 Charge definitely qualifies as one of the best Envy scooters for intermediate to advanced riders. It is made with the same materials found in the Heist, which makes it durable for all sorts of ride use and it is lightweight which allows riders to practice tricks and faster rides with these scooters.


If a new user uses this scooter, it is not a problem because it is very stable to use and does come with a new spacer system that gives it a better ride.

4. Envy Kos S6 Charge

Envy Scooters KOS S6 Complete Scooter - Charge
The sixth-generation of Envy Charge is coming new with pro-level parts that are perfect for advanced riders. It comes with a new type of aluminum bull bars which is sturdier and lightweight. It is also fitted with new forks and clamps to hold everything together, as well as a nylon brake system that will stop the scooter easily. It is also available with new designs, which would fit any style users like.

Standout Features

  • Uses the new Oil Slick 6 Series Aluminium KOS Deck for better design and foot space
  • Comes with Nylon front plate, brake system, rear inserts, and bar ends for safety
  • It uses 120mm x 26mm Hollow core wheel

Best New Envy Scooter

The Charge series has been one of Envy’s best selling models and this model is their newest Charge series. If you compared the two models we listed here, we can see that both Charge models are very good.


But, this 2022 updated version comes with good parts that adds more safety features that will be perfect if it will be used by beginners. This new Charge is also perfect for tricks and various terrain rides thanks to its new body and design.

5. Envy Prodigy S8 Complete

Envy Scooters PRODIGY S8 Complete Scooter - Jade
The Envy Prodigy is one scooter freestylers should consider when looking for the best Envy scooters for freestyle use. The scooter is made from premium grade materials to provide a quality ride regardless of where they are riding. It is also very safe to guide around and use for a long time thanks to the TPR handgrips it has. It is also very sturdy and works for any level of riders. It even comes in all sorts of colors which will fit any type of user styles.

Standout Features

  • Uses Envy’s Prodigy 6061-T6 Extruded Aluminum Deck with Premium Finish
  • Comes with Aluminum Reaper style bars measuring 24.4”x20.5” which have forged head tube and integrated headsets. It also comes with TPR handgrips with grip tapes which are easier to grip
  • Parts are held with oversized Prodigy clamps, which ensures the parts will not move

Envys Most Popular Scooter

The Envy Prodigy is the newest Envy Scooter in the market and definitely, it is like its brothers. It is fitted with all the high quality materials and parts which guarantee it will be stable to ride, such as the hollow core wheels and bearings.


It is also very safe thanks to the nylon brake system and sturdy aluminum body. The Prodigy is also perfect for any type of rider since it is very lightweight and stable to ride. If you have any problems, some have reported it has very good customer service.

6. Envy Colt S4

Envy Scooters COLT S4 Complete Scooter - Teal
The Envy Colt is a good stable scooter that works with all sorts of riders looking for a stable ride. This fourth-generation Colt, in particular, works well for young riders because it is high enough for them to use and transition with. It is made with the same high quality Aluminum and tempered steel material used in other Envy scooters which makes this a reliable scooter to buy.

Standout Features

  • Uses the latest 6-series Aluminum deck with high tensile steel for a rigid body
  • Uses two-bolt 6061 Aluminum clamps which have TPR hand grips for better grip without giving problems
  • The 4130 Chromoly COLT forks that will hold up to 125mm wheels and are bulletproof
  • Uses nylon brakes, front plate, and rear inserts

Best Envy Scooter for Transitioning Riders

If you're buying this scooter for a kid that isn't a beginner but isn't quite at the pro level, this will be the perfect Envy scooter to get them. The scooter is just the right height for pre-teen riders that will be using it.


Since it is one of Envy’s top scooters, users can also customize the components of this scooter to match their needs with any aftermarket parts they would like. It also doesn't require much assembly out of the box.

 Even if you never modify it, riders will enjoy a stable ride and a scooter that keeps up with their progression.

7. Envy KOS S6 Soul Complete Scooter

Envy Scooters KOS S6 Complete Scooter - Soul
Out of all the Envy Pro Scooters we listed, nothing can compete against the Envy KOS S6 Soul Complete Scooter. The Soul is made for the ultimate ride and for riders that want to take their scooters to the next level. The body alone is easy to modify and work in any riding conditions riders want to put it in. Envy has also placed all the unique parts their scooters are known to deliver a very great experience with this scooter.

Standout Features

  • Oversized Chromoly bars for added control
  • 160mm long TPR handgrips which come with high quality grip tape for a comfortable grip
  • Comes with the KOS 6061-T6 aluminum deck with an integrated head tube
  • The IHC forks are made with Aluminum and come with a 120mm x 26 mm Soul Hollow-core from Polyethylene. The core can hold both 28mm and 30mm wheels, which is perfect for transitioning or advanced riders. Users can purchase wheel spacers separately for this scooter.

The All Around Best Envy Scooter!

The Soul definitely represents the brand that Envy scooters have considering all the features that you get with the scooter. It is made from high quality materials to guarantee it will be able to take on any type of punishment its riders bring it to, from casual rides to tricks.


Users can also adjust the scooter based on their preferences, which is great if it will be used for freestyle and tricks. Users will also find it easy to customize the scooter since everything is easy to adjust, especially when taken out of the box.


The scooter is also good for any level of rider thanks to its stable ride and a sturdy body. It is an investment that will work well for any user.

Envy Scooters FAQs

How Much Does an Envy Scooter Cost?

Envy Scooters range in price depending on the level of the rider. Beginner-level Envy scooters start from less than $150, while the advanced level scooters can be as high as $500. Considering the prices, it may sound like it is not a good investment.

However, Envy scooters are considered the second-best brand in the world for high-quality scooters so regardless of which scooter you got from the brand, it is a great investment.

Of course, you will need to consider how often you will be using the scooter and where you will use it. It is ideal that you get an Envy scooter that can adapt to your improving riding style.

 It must also have the right features to keep the scooter stable to ride such as thicker wheels. If you will not be using it all the time, getting the beginner or intermediate level scooters will be ideal. 

Are Envy Prodigy Bars Oversized?

If you saw our review of the Envy Prodigy S8, you will notice that it has oversized bars measuring up to 24.4”x20.5”. The bars are actually made to be “oversized” to give the scooter a better balance as they ride with it. It also ensures the riders can hold on to a sturdy bar as they ride, adding to a safer ride.

Our Favorite Envy Scooter is the...


Envy Prodigy S8

The Prodigy is our top pick for best envy pro scooter. Everything a intermediate scooter ride could ever need in jam packed into this model. You get cool graphics, 120mm wheels, weight reduction deck cutouts and the Envy cool factor. Select your favorite graphics package and hit the skate park with the Prodigy!

5 of 5 Stars