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Madd Gear Pro has been one of the leading brands in the sports industry since 2002 until now. From professional athletes to sports enthusiasts Madd Gear Pro has taken one of the top spots in the action sports market.

Madd Gear has some of the most amazing and cutting edge scooters. There newest completes feature an industry first titanium components package.

Madd Gear Pro has a very good variety of scooters to choose from, below are listed some of the very best Madd Gear scooters that would match your needs perfectly. From stunt scooters for beginner, intermediate, and advanced riders down to scooters designed for those who aren’t ready to handle a pro scooter… Madd Gear Pro even has a fold-up.

Below you’ll find the very best stunt scooters from Madd Gear Pro listed in ascending order Price low to high.

Madd Gear VX7 Extreme
Madd Gear Team Scooter, Blue
Madd Gear VX7 Pro
Madd Gear Kick Extreme, Black/Blue
Madd Gear Kick Rascal Pro Scooter
Madd Gear VX7 Extreme
Madd Gear Team Scooter, Blue
Madd Gear VX7 Pro
Madd Gear Kick Extreme, Black/Blue
Madd Gear Kick Rascal Pro Scooter
Madd Gear VX7 Extreme
Madd Gear VX7 Extreme
Madd Gear Team Scooter, Blue
Madd Gear Team Scooter, Blue
Madd Gear VX7 Pro
Madd Gear VX7 Pro
Madd Gear Kick Extreme, Black/Blue
Madd Gear Kick Extreme, Black/Blue
Madd Gear Kick Rascal Pro Scooter
Madd Gear Kick Rascal Pro Scooter


Top Madd Gear Scooters

1. Madd Gear MGP VX9 Team Scooter

The MGP VX9 from Madd Gear is a stylish scooter that is great for both boys and girls. The max weight of 220lbs means that just about any juvenile rider will be able to enjoy it.

The beautiful pain job on the handlebars and deck will make this Madd Gear scooter’s rider a trendsetter, and the light weight means your child can take it almost anywhere.

Features and specifications:

  • Ready to go, right out of the box.
  • Consistent quality MGP deck that has been a scooter industry staple for many years.
  • T5-T6 heat treated extrusion deck is internally fluted to cut weight.
  • The 20” long ad 4.8” wide provides the ideal footing space for intermediate riders.
  • 4031 Japanse chromoly steel handlebars are 25” tall and 23” wide.
  • Large 120mm Syndicate AR-120 wheels lend plenty of speed to this scooter.


2. Madd Gear Carve PRO Scooter

With a design that can’t be missed, or ignored, the Madd Gear Carve PRO scooter comes in both a green and black, and a red and black color scheme, and turns heads either way.

The Madd Gear Carve PRO scooter is a perfect fit for riders up to 4’3”, and is a balanced and dialed-in scooter that is ready to roll, right from the box with no setup needed.

Features and specifications:

  • 19” long, 4” wide alloy deck is heat-treated and anodized, then it is fluted to reduce weight.
  • Grip tape the full length and width of the deck reduces slippage and ensures solid footing during cruising and stunts.
  • The rear blitz brake provides a brake bolstered by the rider’s body weight, ideal for many tricks.
  • Hologram core, 100mm pro urethane wheels with ABEC-7 bearings for smooth roll and low noise.
  • 30” two-piece handle bar is 18” wide at the top


3. Madd Gear MGP Kick Pro Scooter

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Showing off an 80s retro teal and pink paint job, the Madd Gear MGP Action Sports Kick Pro Scooter is a perfect choice for any riders 6 or older.

With several generations of improvements and upgrades, the Madd Gear MGP Action Sports Kick Pro Scooter has been tested and approved by some of the world’s best pro scooter riders.

Features and specifications:

  • 6061 T6 heat-treated aluminum deck is 19” by 4” and is great for beginners and intermediate riders.
  • The forged aluminum fork can fit wheels up to 120mm, so you can keep the included wheels, or mod immediately.
  • The single-piece chromoly handlebar is 22” tall and 18” wide.
  • 130mm swirl grips reduce vibration and cushion the rider’s hands during stunts and cruising.


4. Madd Gear Whip-Pro Scooter

Madd Gear Whip-Pro Scooter, Black/Green
  • Brand New in box. The product ships with all relevant accessories

The Madd Gear Whip-Pro scooter is an electrifying green and black color scheme, with an alloy steel frame and deck for ultimate strength.

Perfect for riders anywhere from 80 to 220lbs, so your rider will be safely supported and ready to put their all into tricks and stunts.

The traditional rear brake and 100mm wheels make this scooter easy to manage and simple to master. Your rider will be hitting the skate park like a pro in no time.

Features and specifications:

  • Solid hand grips to help absorb the vibration of the pavement.
  • Two-piece handlebar with pro-style bar clamp for quick disconnect.
  • Top-quality ABEC-7 bearings give smooth roll and no rattling.
  • 4” wide deck has been heat-treated to optimal durability.


5. Madd Gear VX6 Team Scooter

Madd Gear VX6 Team Scooter, Oil Slick
  • Deck: MGP 4.5 inch wide VX6 6061 T4 & T6 heat treated & Fluted with 3 degree concave
  • Fork: integrated/IHC
  • Wheels: 110mm MGP 88a high Rebound Filth alloy core

Features and specifications:

  • 5” wide heat treated deck has more room than many other scooters and is great for beginners.
  • The fork is integrated with the deck for increased strength.
  • Large 110mm MGP 88a Filth wheels.
  • The handlebars are 24” tall and 23” wide.


6. Madd Gear VX7 Extreme Scooter

madd gear vx7 extreme pro scooter

The Vx7 stunt scooter comes in a variety of cool color combos

The Madd Gear VX7 extreme scooters are by far the most stylish scooters on the list. More of a Revolutionized look, the VX7 extreme pro comes in numerous designs from which you can choose from.

From a design standpoint, the Madd stunt scooters are amazing with graphics featuring edgy graffiti to the beloved flag of our nation you name it the scooter has it.

Features and specifications:

  • The VX7 extreme has     Integrated 20.5” L x 4.5” W Integrated 6061 T4 & T6 Heat Treated & Fluted with 3° Concave & Cutouts. The Deck is wide enough to support the best art.
  • Threadless 3D Forged 6061 Alloy Fork with Cutout provides the extreme flexibility the VX7 extreme needs.
  • And as usual with VX7 series the MFX Integrated & Sealed IHC.
  • 24” W x 25” H 6061 T6 Alloy Oversized Aero Anodized Bar. To provide the best and the safest handling.
  • 120mm MFX Switchblade with 86A High Rebound PU & Anodized Cores. With better flexibility, we give you better safety.


7. Madd Gear VX7 Team Complete Scooter

madd gear vx7 team scooter
Upgrading and improving the team scooter each year can be a bit of a hassle however we managed to pull through and brought about the best improvements to the team scooter. Coming stocked with our solid 3D Forged Alloy M3 Fork which can run up to 120mm wheels and comes with a longer 20 deck the VX7 team scooter is our best team scooter yet.

Features and specifications:

  • With a Deck of Integrated 20” L x 4.5” W Integrated 6061 T4 & T6 Heat Treated & Fluted with 3° Concave. It gives you extra space for you to ride comfortably.
  • The Fork is Threadless 3D Forged 6061 Alloy M3 Fork. To add more flexibility to the wheels for an easy stop free ride.
  • The Headset is MFX Integrated & Sealed IHC. Similar to our very best VX7 pro scooter.
  • The Bars are 23” W x 24” H 4031 Japanese Chromoly Oversized Upsweep DDAM Chrome Plated Bar. For the most efficient handling and easy riding.
  • The Wheels are 110mm MGP 88A Anodized Filth Alloy Cores with High Rebound PU. For better speed and the best performance.
  • The VX7 team scooter is a limited edition oil slick scooter and one of our best scooters. The scooter also comes in colors neo chrome and black.
Madd Gear Team Scooter, Blue
  • The VX7 Team scooter is the complete package and ultimate setup for the rider ready to step it up, now complete with an alloy fork
  • Bars: 23" w x 24" H 4031 Japanese chromyl oversized upsweep DDAM chrome plated bar
  • Deck: integrated 20" L x 4.5" w integrated 6061 T4 & T6 heat treated & Fluted with 3 degree concave


8. Madd Gear VX7 Pro Scooter

madd gear vx7 pro scooter

This scooter is by far the most cutting edge and advanced entry on this list. This stunt scooter is absolutely made for a pro scooter rider as its name suggests, it has been upgraded with the best parts and equipment such as its integrated head tube.

With the amazing combination of super light 3D forged alloy M1 fork and new MFX integrated headset you cannot take a wrong turn or a wrong move with this scooter, we guarantee you that you’re putting your money in the best place by trusting this scooter.

Features and Specifications:

  • It has the Bars of dimensions 21″ w x 23″ H 4031 Japanese Chromoly powder coated upsweep Fluted provide the absolute best grip and the rider would have absolutely no problem in handling and turning it.
  • The Deck is integrated with 19.5″ L x 4″ w 6061 T4 & T6 heat treated & Fluted with 3-degree concave. Wide enough to provide the best riding experience and easy handling, slipping and falling is absolutely out of the question with this scooter’s excellent deck.
  • Fork is made up of a threadless 6061 3D forged alloy M1 120mm IHC for the wheels to have more flexibility.
  • Speaking of wheel, the wheels are 100mm MGP 88a anodized alloy Cores with high Rebound PU the strongest and easy going wheels in any scooter.
  • The famous head set is MFX integrated and sealed IHC adding that extra dash of marvel in this scooter.
  • The VX7 pro comes in the one and the only color, black the pro color for a pro rider. With the VX7 pro we bet that you’re putting that money of yours in the best places of all.


9. Madd Gear Pro Kick Extreme Scooter

madd gear kick extreme scooter review
This madd gear scooter is literally perfect for beginners as it is lightweight and it’s so easy going that it could even fit your toddler. This product is ready to use and great for your young ones to take it to the park and show off their newly learned scooter skills. Also, this is the best scooter for your kid to learn new tricks on.

Features and specifications:

madd gear kick extreme scooter

  • It’s a 2017 model perfect for beginners who are trying to learn new tricks through the scooter.
  • The handle bar’s dimensions are, 22″x18″ with a one-piece steel T- bar that features original squid grips for your kid to handle the scooter more easily.
  • The Deck is MGP 4-inch-wide heat-treated and fluted with a 3-degree concave.
  • The fork is made up of threadless steel IHC fork with cut out.
  • Wheels are 100 mm MGP 88a alloy core.
  • The product comes in two colors black and blue and weighs 8 pounds which would make it easier for your young ones to carry.

The madd gear kick extreme scooter is lightweight, easy to use and learn new tricks and should be the go-to for your kids to show off their riding skills at the nearest park.


Madd Gear Kick Extreme, Black/Blue
  • World's #1 Pro scooter brand
  • The all new kick extreme scooter is the perfect beginner scooter for you riders! This complete features a thread less compression system, 110mm nylon core wheels, and one piece deck and bars. The deck...
  • Bars: 23" X 20" Chromalloy upsweep T-Bar


10. Madd Gear Kick Mini Pro Complete Scooter

madd gear kick mini pro scooter
Madd gear kick mini pro is the absolute best partner for your young one. It’s the lightweight and easygoing scooter that your kid needs just to have a good time at the park or anywhere for that matter. It’s really light and has a shorter deck and bars for them to have an easy grip on the wheel.

Features and specifications:

madd gear kick pro

  • The scooter has squid grips which makes the gripping and handling of the scooter way easier.
  • The powder-coated 1-piece bar has the dimensions of “16.5 and19”.
  • It has a threaded high ten steel fork,
  • A 100 mm 88a nylon solid cores w/ high rebound PU. This makes the scooter strong and long lasting. You would not have to worry too much about your scooter breaking for that matter.
  • It has ABEC 5 high-speed bearings which would increase the performance of the scooter without any unnecessary breaks.
  • It has a 17″L x 4″W 6061 T4 & T6 Heat Treated Channeled Deck which would aid greatly in the gripping of the scooter and keep your kid from slipping from the scooter’s deck.
  • The scooter has an MGP composite blitz brake, the best break so far, with this break acting as a safeguard for your kid while riding, you wouldn’t have to worry about anything.
  • The scooter also comes in two amazing colors red and teal so now your kid can pick from the color of their favorite sports too.



Which Madd Gear Scooter Should You Buy?

which madd gear scooter to buy

If you want a scooter that is competent and ready for a budding rider then go for the Madd gear kick extreme which would aid to your kids learning all those cool scooter tricks.

If you want something lightweight and beginner level but still enjoyable then go for Madd gear kick mini pro, really easy to handle, really flexible yet it has the most efficient breaks to act as your child’s safeguard.

The Madd Gear VX7 series has produced the most successful in the Madd gear scooters line. From the Madd gear VX7 pro which adds a touch pro scooter experience to the much upgraded Madd gear VX7 team scooter with its amazing headset. Not to mention the exceedingly stylish Madd Gear VX7 extreme scooter which would meet up to your iconic style choices. Take your pick!

So there you have it five of the best Madd gear scooter in the market at the moment. Madd gear has actually been creating the best sports gear for over a decade now and has excelled in it. Its scooters are made from the latest and the best equipment and have a cutting edge design.

We assure you if you spend your money on any Madd gear product you would be putting it in a good place. Learn new tricks, go to the skater’s park and show off those tricks. These little things make your youth memorable.

Apart from being the leading sports brand since 2002 Madd gears have contributed a lot to these children’s childhoods. And not just that it is because of these childhood practices and learning new tricks a lot of the youth has discovered new talents within them.

Madd gears have really turned lives around. So go get your Madd gear scooter today, turn your youth into a fun memorable experience worth remembering and contemplating about. You would be happy to spend your money 0n Madd gear scooters because they bring you the best of the best.


How to get Sponsored by Madd Gear?

sponsored by madd gear

Madd gear, just like all other scooter companies, is marketed through talented riders who ultimately endorse their products. The team riders promote a certain lifestyle and status that comes with riding for the company.

With riders like Ryan Williams and Jordan Clark arguably the best two professional scooter riders in the world, Madd Gear scooters have a mystique about them that everyone wants to be apart of.

So how does the average Joe schmo off the street become affiliated with Madd Gear scooters? Well, these things usually happen 1 of 2 ways.

Way #1 is your headhunted. Scooter companies have people looking for the next big talent but you won’t discover in your local cul-de-sac. If you are a talented rider you should enter some local competitions, the ISA or international scooter association holds events all through the US promoting the sport of scooter riding.
The team managers from scooter brands attend these contests looking for talented riders to put through their systems.

Option #2, is you show Madd Gear that you’re interested in riding for them. Maybe you are a great rider but are never in the right place at the right time. Fill out the application on the Madd Gears website and apply it to be sponsored. We aren’t sure how many people have ever actually gotten sponsored this way but it’s worth a try.


Which Madd Gear Scooter is the Best?

madd gear vx7 extreme pro scooterThis writes up was completed at an interesting time because while all the above Madd Gear pro scooters were available the best Madd Gear scooter wasn’t available.

Enter the Madd Gear VX8 Extreme, while at first glance the VX8 Extreme might not look too different the devil is in the details. The first-ever scooter with titanium components, the Madd Gear VX8 is a historic complete scooter. Let’s get into the specifics:

Deck: All Aluminium measuring 4.8 wide and 20.5 long with 3 degrees concave.

Bars: The handlebars on this scooter is the first unique detail. Made of titanium the handlebars measure 26″ wide by 26″ tall. Being the first complete scooter with titanium bars Madd Gear claims to spare no expense in trying to create the ultimate in pro scooters. Titanium is extremely lightweight and durable enabling a rider to perform tricks not possible on heavier set-ups.


check out the following video:


Verdict: The Madd Gear VX8 Extreme-X is the very best Madd Gear scooter ever built. This scooter earns the title “The Super Car of the Scooter Industry”.


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