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50cc scooter on highway

50cc scooters are a great form of transportation that won’t overwhelm the inexperienced, that’s because they have minimal power. However, that doesn’t mean a 50cc scooter can’t gets the job done taking you from point A to point B. They are preferred by people who just want to travel more conveniently rather than using a bike and who just want to go at a casual pace.

Now if you’re planning to buy a 50cc scooter or you’ve already got one and you’re thinking of taking it to the freeway. You need to read this first to check if your scooter is allowed to go to the highway and if it’s actually safe to do it.



As most vehicles on the freeway will usually have an engine with 125cc or higher, it’s important to understand that a 50cc scooter can be quite risky to take on the highway. The risk factors that might be involved in it are the cars and huge trucks that you might encounter.

A 50cc scooter usually has a top speed of less than 50mph so there will be a possibility that you won’t be able to keep pace with traffic and the faster vehicles. The slow pace of a scooter can be a huge safety hazard to you and all of the drivers in the freeway. So NO you should NOT take a 50cc scooter on the highway!


What is a 50cc scooter?

A 50cc scooter is a small lightweight scooter that’s equipped with a small engine. It’s commonly used in crowded cities as it’s easy to move around in it due to how light and nimble it is. They’re tools for leisure due to its casual pacing that can make you enjoy the scenery while you’re driving around the rural areas.

They’re inexpensive machines which will usually cost between five hundred to a few thousand dollars. They also come in various designs that can vary depending on preference and comfortability. As its main purpose is for city riding, it will usually vary from place to place on whether it’s allowed to go to the freeway or not.


Engine Power

The engine power of a motorcycle will depend on its cylinder capacity which is commonly known as “cc”. The cc will be relative to the horsepower of an engine so the higher the cc is on an engine, the more horsepower it has. Most prices of motorcycles will also correlate to how much cc it has.

The higher the cc of the motorcycle is, the more expensive it becomes. This is why most 50cc is quite inexpensive, their engine doesn’t produce that much power so it isn’t able to go that fast which makes its production cost quite cheap.


Traffic Regulations

The legality of a 50cc scooter will ultimately depend on the laws of the country. Some countries have a minimum requirement of horsepower that a vehicle should reach in order to enter a freeway as each freeway has a minimum speed to reach in order to avoid any traffic or road accidents.

Some laws also require owners of a 50cc scooter to have a full license in order to enter a freeway. It would be best to ask your local traffic rules regarding the use of a 50cc scooter on the freeway in order to avoid any traffic violations.


Mopeds vs Scooters

Mopeds and scooters have a lot of similarities which people can mistakenly identify as one. While some scooters, especially the 50cc ones, have the same average speed as the moped, the mopeds are actually much less powerful compared to a scooter. Mopeds are actually completely banned in highways due to how slow they are.

This ban is done due to safety reasons as it may not catch up to the minimum required speed that a vehicle is allowed to run on a freeway.50cc scooters, on the other hand, can usually meet this requirement which makes them allowed to go as long as they can reach that certain minimum speed.


Final Thoughts

It’s important to note that 50cc scooters are one of the slowest motor vehicles on the road. Their main purpose is more on urban riding where it’s usually crowded. Taking it into the freeway can be legal in some areas but it actually is very risky due to how slow it is.

It can be a great vehicle for casual commuting but it can be a scary one if you want to go on fast and dangerous freeways. If you really want to try to ride a two-wheeled vehicle in the freeway, it would be best to invest in a higher-powered motorcycle as it’s much faster and safer.