Can Two People Ride an Electric Scooter? Posted in: Electric Scooters

Riding electric scooters are increasingly popular these days.

Not only does it give us a new mode of transportation that’s cheap and convenient, but it also doesn’t require much effort when riding on one.

Because of this, more and more people are buying electric scooters, and would even want to ride one.

However, there’s a shortage of supply for these scooters as they aren’t yet that mass-produced compared to motorcycles. This is the reason why many people insist on riding a scooter that already has a driver. In simpler words, they become a passenger.

But is it safe for two people to ride an electric scooter?

In this article, we’re going to answer that question, as well as provide you background information about electric scooters so you’ll have a safer and more enjoyable time riding them.


A Quick Answer

So, yes, two people can ride some electric scooters which have seats and are similar in size and shape to motorcycles, but it’s not worth the risk due to the machine’s limitations.

It depends, as there are different kinds of electric scooters, two of the most common ones being the kick scooter-style and those that resemble a motorcycle. You normally can’t ride the former because it’s limited in space and you need to stand up to fit on its base.

Meanwhile, there are electric scooters similar in shape and look to motorcycles which are spacious enough and can accommodate two riders.

But even if that is the case, and even if the company or brand says that two people can ride the scooter at once, it’s still not recommended due to a variety of reasons.

Some of these being the size, capability, and overall build of the electric scooter, which compared to motorcycles, are very limited.


Not Enough Seats

One of the biggest reasons why two or more people can’t ride an electric scooter at once is due to the limited seats. Seated electric scooters are designed just for one rider, which in this case, is the driver.

Although there are models that say that it can accommodate two riders, it still isn’t safe because the seats are most likely small and it would be too uncomfortable for the riders, especially the driver, to maneuver the scooter and ensure safety.

Meanwhile, kick scooter-type electric scooters don’t have any seats. You simply just have to push it with your feet and the automatic electric transmission then accelerates you forward. The base is very small, making it dangerous for two people to ride it.


Limited Suspension

The suspension of electric scooters is smaller and less capable compared to motorcycles because they are designed for a specific weight limit.

Place too much weight on the scooter and the suspension coils bottom out. Bottoming out means that the travel of the coil springs is all used up, rendering its supposedly shock-absorbing feature useless.

A bottomed out suspension also means that riding through uneven surfaces like off roads and fire roads become very dangerous as both of you can tilt over or lose grip on the surface because of the stress that both your weight puts on the scooter.


Skiddy Tires

Electric scooters have smaller and thinner tires compared to motorcycles. The tires are specifically designed for a specific weight limit which is why they don’t need to have high-profile knobs and thick widths.

This makes the likelihood of you skidding as you approach corners, or you losing grip if it’s raining. The chance of you getting a tire puncture is also high because it isn’t made of thick rubber, unlike the more aggressive tires of motorcycles.

With this, it makes perfect sense to not have another person ride with you on the electric scooter as the tires aren’t made to accommodate more than one rider. You can slip, get a flat tire, or get both of yourselves in an accident.


Engine Overload

You don’t want to overload the engine of an electric scooter just because there are two people riding it. If this is the case, the engine, which is made up of electrical connections can overload and can be damaged.

You surely don’t want that to happen to you, right? If that’s the case, then better avoid having two people ride the scooter.

Electric scooters have power ratings of around 20cc to 50cc, which is low compared to the average 100cc to 300cc power ratings of motorcycles that can accommodate multiple riders at once.


It’s Not About Sharing, It’s About Safety

The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to letting another person ride with you on your electric scooter is that it’s an act of kindness, much like sharing what you have. Well, there’s no harm in sharing as long as you put it in the right place.

In this case with an electric scooter, it isn’t right because you’re not actually helping them, but you’re just compromising not just your safety, but theirs as well.

There’s just not enough room for two riders on an electric scooter, even if it’s for two people. Why? Well, first off, is that the second rider, in this case, the passenger, won’t have anything to hold on. This makes it dangerous for them because they can fall off on a sudden stop or corner.

Many electric scooters also have a maximum weight capacity of 200 to 220 lbs., which is just enough for one person.

Having two riders on an electric scooter would just go beyond its maximum weight capacity, thereby possibly damaging the scooter and inflicting injuries on the riders.


Throwing Off the Balance

Double-riding on an electric scooter is a big no because this just throws off the balance. It’s very dangerous because the balance which supposedly is reserved for one rider can get messed up, those making the scooter unstable.

Electric scooters are specifically designed to handle one rider only. It doesn’t even matter if they’re kids because even if their combined weight won’t go beyond the maximum weight capacity, they can still get injured due to their movements, especially that they’re just kids.


What About Seated Scooters?

Seated scooters might sound like an exemption, but they aren’t. Don’t let someone ride at your front or back even if there seems to be a bit of space available for a second rider. That just isn’t safe

If you’ve got a bicycle accident after letting someone hover above the back tires or maybe sit on the handlebar, then you know how big of a hassle this is going to be.


The More, the Riskier

To sum it all up, the more people riding an electric scooter at once, the riskier it becomes. Electric scooters are designed to be nimble, light, and easily accessible two-wheeled mode of transportation.

Just don’t force it as a vehicle for two or more people, because it just isn’t.

Not only does it distract the focus of the rider, but this also affects the maneuverability of the scooter, the reaction time of the driver, and the overall safety of riders.

Just don’t.

So, no, two people can not ride an electric scooter if you want to ensure utmost safety.