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It’s a well-known fact that electric scooters have become more popular these days, not only in the US but throughout the globe as well.

You’ll find them along sidewalks, city pathways, and sometimes, even on highways. If you’ve got one, it’s important that you stay careful because anything can happen on it and to you, knowing that it’s only a two-wheeled vehicle.

You also need to comply with all the traffic rules and regulations to ensure your safety and be assured of legal protection.

One of the things you need to be careful of is DUI or driving under the influence of either alcohol or drugs.

However, scooters are different from motorbikes or vehicles because they have slow top speeds and they’re not really considered as a full-blown transportation vehicle.

This leads many to ask the question, “can you get a DUI on a scooter?” Well, that’s what this article is about as we’ll give you a quick answer to this, as well as discuss in-depth details about it.


Is it alright to ride a scooter under the Influence?

Before anything else and answering the question of whether you can get a DUI on a scooter, it makes sense to instead ask if you should drive one while under the influence. Of course, the answer to that is no as this puts you at great risk.

You should never operate any kind of vehicle if you’re under the influence as this slows down your reaction time, clouds your decision-making process, and increases the chances of getting yourself in an accident.

You aren’t just putting yourself at risk, but also of the people around you. Meanwhile, the legality of operating a scooter under the influence differs from state to state, but it’s still not recommended to not be in this state.



Riding or driving a scooter under the influence is illegal in California as it is part of their 21221.5 Vehicle Code. There’s also no legal limit to this compared to regular cars which have a limit of 0.08 BAC for people over 21-year-old.

Specifically speaking, it is against the law to ride under the influence of any alcoholic beverage or drug. However, if the rider argues that he or she isn’t drunk, they can request for a chemical test that can be administered on the spot, as what is stated in Scooter Justice.

Asking for a chemical test also means that the respective officer will be the one administering the test directly to you. It is also your right to ask for one. And if in case you are not given a chemical test, then there’s a chance that you can avoid getting a  DUI penalty.



Meanwhile, it’s the other way around in Kansas. Although it hasn’t been clearly and specifically stated that one can get a DUI on a scooter, it is stated that drinking and driving is illegal for all kinds of vehicles.

Take note, though, that this doesn’t include bicycles. Scooters aren’t mentioned in the manifesto as well, which leads many to think otherwise. However, a suspended person due to DUI on a car can instead use a scooter or a mope throughout the suspension period.



Missouri has a similar approach to California as it states that drivers can get a DUI penalty if they are proven to be driving under the influence on any motor vehicle. Scooters, just like motorcycles and cars are motor vehicles, so they fall into this category as well.

Scooters are motorized vehicles that have an automatic transmission and has a 50cc cylinder capacity. Scooter riders also need a driver’s license to operate one, which is why they still answer to the DUI law of the state.



Indiana is stricter when it comes to DUI issues as it defines a vehicle as any device that can be used for transportation either on land or in air.

This, of course, excludes any kind of personal assisted mobility device for persons with disabilities such as electric wheelchairs.

However, this includes scooters. So, yes. You’ll get arrested and fined if you’re caught driving under the influence on your scooter in Indiana.


Top Tips When Driving a Scooter

scooter rider pulled over by police

Never drink and drive: This might sound obvious, but it’s one of the most overlooked facts. Never drink while driving your scooter. Not only are you putting yourself at great risk as you’ll slow down your reaction time, blur your vision, and cloud your decision-making process, but you also run the risk of hitting other people and causing accidents and injuries.


Don’t drive if you’re intoxicated: Never drive or ride your scooter if you’ve just drunk alcohol. Even if you’re not drinking while driving, the fact that alcohol has mixed up with your system and continues to affect it means that you run the risk of crashing your scooter.


Wear a helmet: Helmets save lives, and that’s a fact. Always wear a helmet no matter how near or how far your destination is. Your head is a crucial part of your body and you can’t afford to injure it. It won’t take you much time and effort to wear one, so please make it a habit. You won’t regret it.


Ensure proper working condition: See to it that your scooter is in good working condition. The engine shouldn’t stall, you should accurately check the speedometer, the brakes should all work as well.

If possible, see to it that you’ve got modulated brakes so it won’t throw you over in case you immediately pull up your brakes.


Ensure proper lights: See to it that your scooter has proper lighting, specifically its headlight and tail light. This makes you visible when you’re riding at night time.


Keep your lane: This is another important thing to consider, staying on your lane. Many cities even have bike/scooter lanes designated for   This is necessary so that you won’t be hit by larger vehicles. Stay predictable to drivers as much as possible.


So, can you get a DUI on a scooter?

Can you get a dui on a scooter?

Yes, you can! But it’s not just about getting the penalty, it’s about your safety!  Never ride or drive a scooter if you’re under the influence of alcohol or worse, drugs. No amount of fun or pleasure is worth your life! Stay safe my friends.