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top speed for 50cc scooter

Scooters are becoming more popular these days because they’re more cost-efficient because they’re cheaper and save lots of gas money. They’re also beginner-friendly!

However, many criticize scooters because of their slow speed and restricted capabilities. Specifically speaking, it’s the 50cc scooters that get these criticisms. But do they deserve all the criticism? And how fast can a 50cc scooter really go?

This article aims to answer all those questions, so read on!


Quick Answer

50cc scooters have a top speed of around 35 mph. There are cases when these scooters go faster than that, but if this is the case, then they are not called scooters anymore, but motorcycles.

There are also these so-called de-restricted 50cc scooters that has higher top speeds reaching around 45 mph to 50 mph, depending on the weight of the rider.


Knowing More About 50cc Scooters

These 50cc scooters are the least powerful scooter variants in the market. But this doesn’t mean they’re the weakest and the worst option for you because they do have a lot of benefits.

They have a top speed of around 30 mph to 35 mph. Yes, it might not seem that much, but it’s ideal especially if you’re just using it to cruise around town.

Take note that you won’t go faster than 35mph if you’re living in a densely populated city like Los Angeles, London, or Miami, right? So why bother going for higher CC models that offer higher top speeds you can’t use and spend more unnecessary gas money on it?

What’s more, is that 50cc scooters are the only kind of vehicle that you can drive if you’re still below 17-years-old.

And not just that, but they are also the best when it comes to fuel economy, which is why they’re highly sought after by adults who want to save money and those who want to first gain driving experience in the highways.

Also, take note that you can de-restrict 50cc scooters. This means that you can increase their top speed. However, you can’t do this if you’re still not aged 17-years-old and above.

The de-restriction process is easy and can be done by any professional mechanic. What’s more, is that you don’t have to spend much to do this.

But take note that this won’t turn your scooter into a full-fledged superbike or even motorcycle as it only adds around 10mph on your scooter’s original top speed.

Although that isn’t much of an increase, adding an increased 25% on your scooter’s top speed is great especially if you want to cover longer distances at a faster time.


Need Something Faster? Try 125cc a Scooter!

125cc scooter

Meanwhile, there are the 125cc scooters. These are at the higher end of the spectrum. Having an additional 75cc surely makes a lot of difference to your riding experience as it boosts your top speed.

125cc scooters,  have a maximum speed of around 60 mph. This is double the top speed of most 50cc scooters. If you’re always on long journeys and traveling on highways, then it’s best that you go for 125cc scooters instead of the 50cc variants.

Take note, though, that 50cc scooters are ideal for city riding. Meanwhile the 125cc scooters are a better option if you’re into country riding or around suburban zones.

You also need to turn 17-years-old for you to be able to ride a 125cc scooter legally. Meanwhile, it’s also not advisable that you immediately go and ride a 125cc scooter without any prior experience on 50cc ones because the additional speed can send you hurling to a crash.

125cc scooters also have a more complicate gear system which you might find daunting and challenging.

But once you’re confident enough with the speed of 50cc scooters, then you can head on and ride a 125cc scooter. This serves as an ideal transition vehicle for you to eventually transition into a full-blown motorbike.

Figure out first the kind of riding you’ll be having and the place where you’ll be riding around. Are you going to ride through uphills, off roads, and long-distance destinations? If so, then it’s best that you use a 125cc scooter.

Not only is this fully capable, but it’s also durable enough to handle long distances. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a scooter that can save lots of gas money and is light enough to ride around the city, then no doubt a 50cc scooter is what you need.


Engine and Restrictions

50cc scooters are the least powerful two-wheeled vehicle you’ll find in public roads. This is why there are restrictions on the areas that they can be used and ridden on.

An example would be them not being allowed to ride on A-roads or superhighways because they move very slowly due to their low speeds.

They’re just good for riding around town and for small commutes to-and-fro work. This is why 50cc scooters have restricted engines.

It’s also important to take note that the engine of a regular scooter is capable of running more than 30 mph or even 35 mph. It’s just that it has been mandated by many governments that low-tier scooters get a 50cc engine for them to have a max speed of around 30 mph to 35 mph.

It might sound limiting, but that’s not really a problem knowing that you’re not allowed on open highways and you won’t even reach near 30 mph when you’re riding in the city.

The nice thing about 50cc scooters is that they’re ready to ride and are ideal for young riders, even those having only a provisional license.

Although these can be de-restricted to have a higher engine cc, this would then mean that they’ll be illegal to ride. Unless, of course, you get a license rating higher than the provisional variant.

It’s better to keep a 50cc scooter restricted to just 30 mph or 35 mph, and then eventually upgrade to a more powerful and real motorcycle if you are old enough and gain riding experience.