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Teaching a young child to ride a bike can be an exciting yet very frustrating time. Picture this scenario… you purchase a beautiful sparkling brand new bike but it just sits unused because your son or daughter can’t seem to master the balance needed to ride.

What’s even worse is that your kid seems defeated, scared and embarrassed first because they’ve fallen a few times and lastly because they don’t want to be the only kids they know with training wheels on their bikes. So what can you do to solve this problem? First, let’s take a look at age and how it related to the ability to ride a bicycle.


What Age Do Kids Learn to Ride a Bike?

While there is no hard and fast rule some kids just learn to ride bikes freakishly early personally I wasn’t one of those children. I actually didn’t learn to ride a bike until I was around 10 years old.

However, I just never tried to and didn’t have the desire until I hung around friends who’s whole summer days revolved around bicycle riding.

With all that said the average age kids learn to ride is around 4 years old. That is an average so SOME learn earlier and OTHERS learn later. 


How to Learn to Ride a Bike?

So what is the simple trick to help kids learn to ride easily and effectively? Wait for it…BALANCE BIKES. Even though they seem strange a bike with no pedals they are incredibly effective due to the fact that they teach BALANCE and not simply peddling as training wheels do. So there you have it.

If your child is struggling to master bike riding help them experience those amazing freedoms by grabbing them a balance bike.


Being Prepared To Learn

Protecting your son or daughter is key when it comes to building their confidence moving forward. One way to make them feel secure is by getting them the appropriate protective gear. A helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and gloves will ensure your child can learn virtually without a scratch. 

Equipped for war/riding you and your young one can approach this bicycle learning process with confidence. Results vary but the typical 3 years old can learn to ride a pedal bike within a few minutes here is a video of a mom and her youngster learning to ride a pedal bike after having a balance bike.

So there you have it, learning to ride a bike doesn’t have to be hard at all. Balance bikes are a simple trick that makes the entire bike riding process much easier and efficient. Your kids will thank you later.


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