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Pro scooter parts for the rider who knows exactly what they want. Select the deck, bars, clamp, wheels, fork, compression system, headset, grips, and even the hardware you want on your scooter. A custom built scooter composed of the components you select will allow you to perform at your best.

We have all the brands that you’re looking for like AO, Crisp, District, Fuzion, Envy and Madd Gear. There a few different reasons you might be looking for upgrading parts. You might want to make your scooter look cooler, if this is your goal check out these hollow core wheels from Root Industries.

Looking to reduce weight and make your scooter lighter? Depending on your current set up you might want to change your bars. A intermediate level complete scooter comes with chromoly bars. Aluminum and titanium are both great materials to deduct weight from a set up. Upgrading your fork is another way to save weight. Typically lower level completes come with steel forks so upgrading to a nice aluminum fork will make a huge different.