120MM Signature Wheels Created By The World Pro


120MM Signature Wheels created by the world’s Pro Riders are the perfect balance between function and fashion.

Don’t you hate cheap wheels that get flat spots easily and wear out all the time. The Ride 858 Signature Wheels are made with a polyurethane formula built to last and withstand temperatures that compromise your wheels.

These wheels are pieces of art wrapped up in technology that only Ride 858 can offer.

The Signature Wheels by Ride 858 Professional’s have everything you want and you can see why our customers and professional riders love them:

1. Silk riks with a higher resistance to temperature

2. Long lasting durability making sure you don’t get flat spots easily

3. Wider radius and more surface contact

4. 10 spoke lightweight technology

5. Forceful designs by the world’s Professional riders

6. 88A grade CNC machined Don’t wait as these wheels do not sit around.

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