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Pro Scooter Wheels: Important Things to Know

Pro Scooter wheels might be the largest aftermarket segment in the scooter industry. They come in a wide variety of colors, sizes (in width and diameter), PU formulas and core styles.

The basics you want to know about your wheels are what size diameter they are. This is valuable if you ever have to replace them because not all forks especially on complete scooters will accept a larger size. 100 millimeter, 110 millimeter and 120 millimeter are arguably the most common wheel sizes on the market right now. Although there are other odd ball sizes out there.

100’s are usually on lower cost entry level scooters and 110’s are usually on intermediate level pro scooters. 120’s are only on top level complete scooters. If you don’t know much about pro scooter wheels always remember you never want wheels with plastic cores. Plastic core wheels are not durable and will typically crack after a few hard riding sessions.

Hollow Cores have been a huge hit recently in the scootering scene because of their unique styling and large surface area for designs. Tanner Fox dropped a great Hollow core styled wheel with Lucky. Wheels with spoked designs are probably the most popular and will probably continue to be. This style lends itself to endless patterns and colors which will never go out of style.

Wheels are arguably the most important scooter part after your deck. Changing your wheels does a variety of different things for your scooter. It can speed your scooter up, slow your scooter down, provide more grip, provide less grips and most importantly they change up the whole vibe of your scooter making it look completely different. In our pro scooter wheels department you will find the best wheels from the top scooter brands in the industry including Envy, Fuzion, Lucky, Root Industries, Crisp, Phoenix and Madd Gear . We are also carrying lesser know brands like Liberty and Ride 858. Our wheels selection features pro scooter wheels in all sizes including 100mm, 110mm, 120mm and even the odd 112mm sizes. Most scooter wheels are sold individually however there are quite a few manufacturers who are starting to package their wheels in pairs, be sure to look at the item description closely to make sure you are buying the wheels or wheel you think you are.