TSI Limited Edition Sledge v3 Deck


The Sledge deck is TSI’s workhorse, engineered for longevity and strength. The 5″ wide extrusion angles down to 4.5″ on the bottom to give you the clearance needed for wallrides. It slides like a legend over any material, plowing through effortlessly. The Sledge comes in three lengths, 21.5″, 22″ and 23″. Integrated Head Tube 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum: Heat Treated to T6 5″ Wide Boxed Extrusion 24″ Radius Concave FlexFender made from Spring Steel (fits up to 125mm wheels) Grade 8 Axle Bolt Integrated Wheel Spacers Welded with the highest grade welding rod (4643, used by Boeing on jets)

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