TSI Paramount V3 Deck


The latest and greatest Paramount decks are finally here! TSI has been working on creating a masterpeice, and with trial and error they are proud to release the V3 Paramount. With the new and improved dropouts we are excited to see them in action! Don’t wait, Buy now! TSI is the legendary originator of the first “one piece” aftermarket deck. The Paramount is truly a thing of beauty. With the narrow extrusion you get increased clearance AND save a ton of weight. This deck is ready for the park or the streets. This deck will have to be modified to fit pegs. Brake and axle hardware included. If you select “install my griptape,” this is a labor charge. You still MUST purchase griptape SEPERATELY. Once grip tape has been installed this voids any refunds or exchanges. While we are professionals the act of gripping a deck may result in some slight cosmetic damage which in itself will not qualify as a damaged good.


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