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Razor DXT Drift Trike

Imagine this, riding through steep downhill slides, gliding smoothly but in a low-traction tricycle – that is what you call trike drifting. Trike drifting is an extreme sport for many of its enthusiasts, just like dirt biking.

Drift trikes were initially made with the same structure as a bicycle but with two rear wheels. It is lower for a closer to the ground feel. In recent years, some manufacturers added an engine motor to make the riding experience better and more challenging.

One must be well-trained to be able to maximize a drift trike. It is advisable that when kids 14 – 16 have adult supervision while learning to ride the said trike. Start with the basics and slowly open up to more challenging courses and terrains to ride on your drift trike. Do take note that you must follow local laws and regulations on safety and appropriate clothing accessories when you ride these drift trikes.

If you’re planning on purchasing your drift trike, then read below about the Razor DXT Drift Trike model.


Razor DXT Drift Trike

Razor DXT Drift Trike Yellow, One Size
This drift trike is where style meets the best trike features. You are in for a more exciting and more fun drifting experience with the steel construction of the trike. Action and thrill is undoubtedly a package when you are riding this drift trike on the straight roads onto the tightest curves.

To know more about the features of this dope, adrenaline-pumping ride, keep reading.


Pedals and Frame

You don’t have to worry about the pedals going another direction when you’re not pedaling. The pedals of this drift trike are of a BMX style; therefore, giving a better feel of a street sportbike. Its petals will not fall off despite the extreme exposure to pressure. The entirety of the pedal and its frame is assured of a durable and long-lasting drift trike.



The front wheel of the drift trike measures 20 inches, bigger than that of the two rear wheels. 10” rear wheels keep the balance of the trike. Given that the front wheel is a freewheel, this gives the trike an independent vibe and allows it to ride along even without the help of pedals. Having chrome hub caps, the rear wheels are made for a rough ride and prevent any dirt accumulation.


Handlebars and Frame

The drift trike has handlebars like that of a motorcycle, making it stylish and modern looking. The grips are also well-made with a pro-style design to prevent any sudden mishandling of the bars. Frames are made of steel material, ensuring a sturdy and stable piece of drift trike.



What makes the seat of this drift trike comfortable despite the extreme measures you’ll be riding through is its adjustability. One can match the seat to the user’s height so that he’ll be able to reach and maneuver the pedals comfortably. The seat is of a bucket style and does not have very high back support. For a drift trike, the seat design is a great one and will help you enjoy more.



The brakes are V-shaped, which makes it easy to grip and handle. It is also as simple as it can get with no elaborate gear system involved. The safety of being too fast is not one to be worried about since the trike is only a one-speed trike.


Weight Limit

Being a vehicle for extreme sports, a maximum weight of 198 pounds is needed for this drift trike. Following this weight limit is necessary for the safety of the rider and of other participants in the sports. It is also recommended that this drift trike be used only by people aged 14 and above for proper control and maneuvering.


???? What We Love

The trike is very stylish. It looks like the way a drift trike looked years ago, but very modern and classy.

Sturdiness and durability are value proven with the excellent paint job and materials used in the mainframe of the trike.

The plastic material used in the wheels makes it easier to spin, slide, and glide through different terrains. Control of the wheels is not an issue because once you have a good grip of the handlebars, the wheels will smoothly roll even if you won’t pedal.

An adjustable seat is perfect for short and tall riders, as they can choose a closer or farther position to pedal around comfortably.  


????What We Didn’t Like

The whole trike is huge and not easy to carry around for transportation. It is not foldable, making it harder to bring along in the car.


Razor DXT Drift Trike

If you’re a fan of challenge and extreme sports, then a drift trike is suitable for you. Don’t forget that using the trike needs precautions. You can practice this by wearing proper protective gear and maintaining the trike itself. What are you waiting for? Get a hold on your drift trike and have more fun and thrilling time outside.