Are Pogo Sticks Dangerous? Posted in: Outdoors

Are you looking for an activity that will make your kid stay active? Pogo sticks encourage active outdoor playtime, fun, and physical challenge. But as a parent, you want to make sure the activity and the toy itself is safe for your child.

Pogo sticks are safe with proper handling and safety precautions. Kids learning how to balance these sticks will eventually build confidence and strength while enjoying the outdoors. Read on for some buying guides to considering before getting one.


Safe Pogo Sticks Design

Jumping on a pogo stick will give more excitement than the usual biking activity. It may be challenging for beginners, but with more practice and patience, they’ll be able to use it with ease. Using pogo sticks is not like other extreme sports, as speed is not an issue for possible accidents.

Just make sure to purchase an age-appropriate and kid-safe kind of pogo stick, and they are good to go. Here are some of the factors to consider when picking a safe pogo stick to suit your child.

Material Pogo sticks made with durable foam are perfect for beginners and are safest. The Aluminum build is ideal for durability and sturdiness. Age And Weight Range. Invest in pogo sticks suited to both the height and weight of a child.

Features Check for additional features like non-slip foot pads to prevent kids from slipping off its edge. Padded hand grips should be at the hip level for maximum comfort.


Use Of Safety Gears

Although injuries are pretty rare, it is essential to always wear safety gear before hopping on those pogo sticks. These safety accessories will keep them safe and comfortable while having fun. Below are some of the safety wear that you need to get for ultimate protection.

Pick a helmet with superior quality, sound design, and comfortable fit. Check for vents to keep air flowing and foam liners for protection from impact.

Knee And Elbow Pads. Check for multiple adjustable elastic straps for a secure fit.

Protective Gloves. Check for padded and lightweight gloves for hand protection and excellent grip. Pads soften the impact of the handlebars and reduces numbness from long hours of use.


Additional Safety Checklist

Using a pogo stick is safe if used correctly, new and old riders should also consider other safety factors when using their pogo sticks. Here is a quick checklist to ensure a fully safe ride on pogo sticks.

Condition Of Pogo Stick. Check that there are no missing parts and that bolts are secured and tightly fastened.

Check Weight Limit. Exceeding the weight limit is also a safety risk as the pogo stick will not bounce properly.

Use Appropriate Shoes. Use rubber shoes and never go barefoot or wear sandals.

Avoid Unsafe Areas. Do not bounce on uneven, grassy, and wet areas as you could get stuck and fall. Avoid congested streets and be aware of cars and pedestrians.

Learn To Balance. Try to practice on a balance board before riding your pogo stick for the first time.



Pogo sticks are fun exercising tools that make bouncing enjoyable for kids and adults who would like to try it. Invest in the best pogo stick by choosing a reliable brand and discover endless fun and discovery with your child.