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Introduction to Electric Bike Conversion

Since electric bikes and regular bikes share the same overall design and components, it is possible to convert a regular bike into an electric-powered one. This can be done using an electronic bike conversion kit. With E-bikes becoming all the rage, it is no surprise that anyone would want their bike converted. There are several options available for electric bike conversion that are available in the market.

For one, you can fit a powered wheel either to the front or to the back. You may also fit a drive unit on the bottom bracket of the bike’s frame. There is also another popular option of mounting the friction drive above the rear wheel. Plus, you can also place a well-disguised drive unit beneath the bike’s seat. But be warned that this can be illegal if you plan on entering any race involving regular bikes.

Though these conversion kits can be somewhat expensive, it is far cheaper to motorize a bike rather than buying a brand-new e-bike. That being said, let us look into these conversion kit options in more detail.

TOP 3 E-Bike Conversion Kits

AW 26"x1.75" Rear Wheel 48V 1000W Electric Bicycle Motor Kit E-Bike Cycling Hub Conversion Dual Mode Controller

Overall rating :  4 / 5

AW has gained popularity on Amazon as a provider of affordable electric bike conversion kits. They continue to grow as sales on Amazon keep going up.

The AW 1000w Ebike Kit is yet another front-wheel E-bike conversion kit that is very popular on Amazon and other online shopping websites. This kit in particular comes with a spare tire and is one of the few kits in the market to do so.


The motor is remarkably silent despite being so powerful at 1000 watts. This kit does not come with its own battery though and, like the Pinty 1000w E-bike kit, the manufacturer recommends a lead-acid battery.

 Still, we would rather go with a 52-volt Li-Po battery for more power and endurance and is also many times safer. Also, it does not come with its own disc brakes.

AW Electric Bicycle Motor Kit 48V 1000W 26"x1.75" Rear Wheel E-Bike Conversion Kit E-Bike Cycling Hub Conversion Dual Mode...
  • [Powerful Brushless Motor]: Electric bicycle rear wheel conversion kit features 48V 1000W brushless and gearless hub motor for efficient and noiseless running; can easily convert your bicycle to...
  • [Durable & Convenient]: Aluminum alloy frame for durability and stability, can support a heavy weight up to 220 Lbs; drive system without moving chains or gears for anti-friction; thumb throttle with...
  • [Great Compatibility]: Fit for any 26" bicycle frame with 5 5/16" rear dropout spacing; compatible for universal disc brake and V brake, you can choose the brake you need to use with the wheel,...
8fun Bafang BBS03/BBSHD Lastest Model 48V 1000W Ebike Electric Bicycle Motor Mid Drive Electric Bike Conversion Kit (68MM-850C)

Overall rating :  4 / 5

Bafang is a Chinese company that has recently become a popular brand among E-bike enthusiasts. The brand has become synonymous with mid-drive mounting kits. Mid-drive mounting kits can be very expensive yet Bafang has managed to put up a very good kit for a low price.

The BBSHD/BBS03 1000w is one of Bafang’s most powerful kits. The drive unit packs a whopping 1000-watt motor coupled with a 48-volt battery made by Samsung. Needless to say, it is a very solid conversion kit. The battery is fitted inside a case that mounts on the lower bracket of your bike’s frame.


The battery pack also has a USB socket that allows you to charge your phone and other gadgets. Pretty nifty addition, if you ask me. This feature is rather uncommon in most E-bikes or E-bike conversion kits that we have come across.

Bafang BBS 1000W Lastest Model 48V/52V 1000W Ebike Electric Bicycle Motor Mid Drive Electric Bike Conversion Kit with 48V 52V...
  • [Two riding mode] --- Electric bikes & pedal bicycle, faster traffic & physical exercise can be achieved at the same time. A wonderful choice for cycling enthusiasts and those who want faster traffic...
  • [Standard JIS] --- Fit a standard JIS 68 - 73 mm/ 100 mm/ 120 mm bottom bracket (installing extra parts Gaskets as gifts), please see the installation image carefully. Suitable for mountain bike, road...
  • [Easy Installation] --- Can be successfully installed into an electric bicycle in just a few time by only a few tools which can remove the crankset and the center shaft, as well as tools for...
TongSheng TSDZ2 36V 250W 350W 48V 500W Torque Sensored DIY eBike Mid Drive Crank Motor Kit Electric Bike Central Motor Conversion Kit




Overall rating :  4 / 5

Tongsheng is a Chinese manufacturer that has dedicated themselves to produce the smallest mid-bike kit possible, and with good results.

 The TSDZ2 Mid Drive Motor Conversion eBike Kit is almost invisible to the untrained eye and the motor itself might pass off as another component that is sticking out the lower bracket. The TSDZ2 comes in 350, 500, and 750 power ratings.

This can be deal-breaker to some who want more power out of their drive units but it is not the case for the average user as it is still quite powerful enough to get you up to 25 miles per hour, but not as quickly as those monsters that clock in over 1000 watts.

 Installation is relatively easy but does require a bit of technical know-how. Once installed, it looks seamless on your bike’s frame, save for the battery of your choice (which is not included, unfortunately).


  • Smallest 750-watt kit on the market
  • Built-in torque sensor
  • Affordable and quite popular


  • Ships from China
  • No battery included
EBIKELING 48V 1500W 26" 700c Direct Drive Rear Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit (700C/LED/Thumb)




Overall rating :  4 / 5

Based in Schaumburg, Illinois, Ebikeling claims to provide a wide selection of electric bike conversion kits at very low prices. They also offer a 3-month warranty on the motor and controller, with a 1-month warranty on all remaining accessories. Since they are an American company, customer support is easily accessible through phone or email.

The Ebikeling 1200w E-bike kit is a wheel-type bike conversion kit that is easy to install. It comes with all the needed tools and accessories so you won’t have to spend more cash on extra equipment. It is so easy to install that all you need to do is transfer the original tire for the most part. The rest of the components can be mounted easily on any bike frame.

With top-of-the-line specifications, this is perhaps Ebikeling’s most powerful kit to date. The drive unit is a 1200-watt motor that is powered by a 48-volt battery that comes with a 30-amp controller. The kit comes with all the necessary components and is ready to install.

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  • Easy installation
  • Compatible with disc brakes
  • Plenty of power for uphill climbs
  • 3-month warranty on motor and controller


  • LCD panel can get alarmingly hot (however, the company states that it’s just the way it is)
  • Controller, motor, and LCD panel are all water-resistant but the connectors are not

What is an E-bike?

The first thing that comes to mind to an average person would be an electric scooter or a battery-powered motorcycle. In fact, an electric bike is simply a bicycle with an electric motor, a battery, and a controller attached to it. These components are seamlessly integrated into the design of these bikes.

How does it work?

As mentioned above, electric bikes operate the same way with a regular bike. Commonly, all electric bikes share the same design and components with regular bikes, and there are many conversion kits available in the market today.

The electric motor is not meant to replace the human aspect of handling and pedaling, but rather it was intended to augment it. Electric motors are powerful enough to take you over a hill and when on electric power, you can travel further while taking a break from pedaling.

What are things to consider before buying an E-bike?

Electric bikes can be more expensive than a regular bike, but a majority of them are packed with features that make them worth having over a regular bike. With the addition of an electric motor and all its related components, an electric bike can weigh more than a regular bike, but this increased weight does not always translate to poor handling.  

Powered Wheel

Powered electric bike wheels are probably the most practical solution for e-bike conversion. The process is simple; just take out one of your bikes two wheels, either front or rear, and replace it with a unique hub that contains the electric motor, battery, and transmission. The downside to this is the added mass on the wheel will affect the handling of your bike.

Rear-Mounted Friction Drive

Friction drives are basically a drive unit mounted above the rear wheel of the bike or beneath the bottom bracket of the bike’s frame that has a smaller wheel that is in direct contact with the rear wheel. This wheel turns in the opposite direction, and the friction causes the rear wheel to propel the bike forward — another practical solution.

Concealed E-bike Conversion Kit

This is perhaps the most expensive and the least apparent upgrade. All the necessary components are concealed from view, either carefully hidden within the tube of the bike’s frame or brilliantly disguised components placed on strategic locations on the bike to make them look inconspicuous to the average person.

These also weigh less and therefore does not have a significant impact on your bike’s handling characteristics.

Mid-engine drive unit mounting

This is a trendy upgrade. This conversion kit turns a regular bike into an e-bike as if it came out of the assembly line as one right off the bat. By mounting the electric motor and battery at the bottom bracket, this kit also has less impact on the bike’s handling characteristics. This system can be prone to damage though.

Folding E-bike conversion kits

This is specially designed for folding bikes. These kits are typically lightweight and less powerful than other conversion kits. Usually, a powered hub to the front and a battery mounted in the lower bracket.


With so many options available in the online market and in some physical stores, it can be hard for a novice to pick a good conversion kit for their bike. The overwhelming amount of choices may confuse and befuddle anyone but knowing what qualities to look for will make it easy for you when choosing the right kit.

The qualities that you choose will depend certainly on what type of cyclist are you, your financial situation (let’s face it, some of these kits will cost you a good amount of money), and your geographic location in relation to the retailer.

Just like many cool gadgets, “you get what you pay for” when buying an electric bike or an electric bike conversion kit. Oftentimes, the budget-friendly category are the ones suited for novices who are converting their regular bike for the very first time. These kits are relatively cheap and are easy to install on your bike.

If you notice, our top picks are the ones that are affordable, easy to install, and packed with several features. For instance, the Ebikeling 1200w E-bike kit struck a chord with our hearts because it’s affordable, easy to mount, and comes with complete tools and accessories so you won’t have to spend extra on having the kit mounted onto your bike.

Also, being an American manufacturer, Ebikeling scores high marks for us in terms of customer support despite the limited 3-month warranty on its major components and just 1 month on everything else that comes with the 1200w E-bike kit. We also like the Tongsheng TSDZ2 Mid Drive Motor Conversion kit.

It is a great kit for novices who have a bit of technical know-how. The entire kit is very compact and it’s almost like one of those expensive “concealed” type kits. While it may be lacking in power, it does make up for practicality and near lack of bulkiness that other mid-bike conversion kits have.