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So you’ve been content riding with stock steel scooter bars on your setup for a while now, but you’ve been progressing and you’re even close to landing epic tricks like bri flat.

You need to add something to your pro scooter setup that will save weight to get you to the next level. Titanium scooter bars might be exactly what you need!

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What makes Titanium Bars Better?

Looking at scooter bars from a mass perspective most bars on the market are made from Chromoly steel. This type of metal is typically used in the bike industry because of its commonality Chromoly was an easy choice for scooters because many manufacturers were already familiar with the metal.

Titanium bars vs Chromoly bars isn’t a black and white decision. Chromoly is pretty light and very durable able to withstand years of hard use.

Because of the metal properties, Chromoly scooter bars will be responsive and offer good flex while ultimately maintaining ita form. Therefore perfect for the stunt scooter application.

On the flip side, titanium scooter bars are going to lighter than steel and just as strong. Titanium flexes so well while maintaining its shape that it can be used for shock absorption and is on mountain bikes.

SCT USA Titan Titanium Scooter Bar (Oversized)
  • GR9 Aerospace Titanium
  • 28mm Drop Small Vee
  • Strong 2.20mm Thick Horizontal Bar

The only downside is the cost, a pair of lucky titanium bars will run you $249 whereas a similar set of bars in Chromoly will only cost $65.

So while the option for ti bars will lighten your scooter it will also lighten your wallet. If you are on a bit of a budget opting for cheap pro scooter bars in different materials like aluminum or Chromoly will still get the job done.


Brands that make Titanium Bars

Liberty Pro Scooters - Stealth Titanium Scooters T-Bars 24" x 27" (Raw, Oversize)
  • Lightweight Titanium Scooter Bars
  • Size: 27H x 24W (692mm x 610mm )
  • Diameter: Oversized 1 3/8" (35mm)

A whole laundry list of scooter parts manufacturers is in the titanium bars business these days. From making all brands like Lucky and Ethic to handlebar specialized brands like YGW and Affinity.

What is the difference between the various handlebar offerings if any? And what precautions are there to switching to precious bar material from chromoly or aluminum?


Lucky Titanium Bars

Liberty Pro Scooters - Stealth Titanium Scooters T-Bars 24" x 27"
  • Lightweight Titanium Scooter Bars
  • Size: 27H x 24W (692mm x 610mm )
  • Diameter: Oversized 1 3/8" (35mm)

Lucky recently unveiled their titanium bars called simply the “TI BAR” which they actually trademarked (smart play lucky). The overall design resembles the Tukno bar from a few years back. They claim to use NASA grade titanium to make the bars extremely light and durable.

From the manufacturer, these bars come 26 tall by 24 wide with an oversized diameter making them compatible with SCS and HIC. HIC will require cutting a slit in your bars.

Since these bars are constructed from titanium they weigh in at a remarkable 1.6lbs. If you are a Lucky fan or just like the styling of their bars these are a great option for someone looking to ride titanium bars.


Epic Titanium Bars

Epic is a brand based out of southern California and has been in the scooter parts game since 2009. The Epic titanium scooter bars have been causing a commotion among the scooter community. Labeled the Epic FTV2 the bars almost look like t bar with a subtle kink in the crossbar.

These handlebars are reliable because Epic put them through a year’s worth of testing from their stable of pro scooters. These stylish titanium bars are even lighter than Lucky’s rendition weighing in at only 1.13 lbs at 28” tall by 24” wide, WOW!

We think they were able to create a lighter set of bars by tweaking the crossbar thickness to .083 and thinning the downtube. Another great feature is that Epic makes these bars available in 5 different color options.

Update: Currently these bars are not that available in the market. We recommend RP Titanium Pro Scooter Bars which is lightweight and of excellent quality.


YGW Titanium Bars

Youth Gone Wild has always been one of our favorite brands, over the years they have done partnerships with many of the staple scooter brands helping them develop bar styles.

This tells you that when you’re looking for scooter bars, whether they’re t bars, aluminum bars, carbon bars, or titanium bars YGW is where the major brands look so you should too.

The flagship ti bars from YGW are their classic style the Millennium bars. This particular style features a Y-like shape with a very narrow crossbar joining the two y sections together, making for an ultra-elegant and futuristic look.

We believe YGW was the very first group to bring titanium to the scooter market and everyone just followed them to the party. From a consumer point of view, it’s always safe to go with the originator.

However, you will pay a premium for their expertise in the YGW Titanium Millenium bar retails for $299 ouch!


Affinity Titanium Bars

Affinity is the riders choice for bars! Their Chromoly T-bars are probably the most popular in the entire sport. With that being the case it only made sense for affinity to drop their titanium t bar.

Like we’ve gone over already the allure with Ti is that it is strong like steel but light like aluminum. However, Affinity took it to another level opting for grade 9 titanium, which is more durable than the standard grade 8. These bars are designed to handle anything and any riding style.

From the factory they come 28” tall and 24” wide and weigh only 1.13 lbs. Your wallet won’t be as light if you decide to purchase the affinity titanium t bars as they cost a reasonable $220.


Ethic Titanium Bars

We love Ethic scooter parts and the Ethic DTC x Raw vegas titanium bars are no exception. These are probably the best looking bars we discuss in this guide. Ethic is known for cutting edge limit-pushing parts. Mostly known for the Pandemonium deck released a few years ago they are doing an amazing job with their bars.

These are probably the most expensive titanium bars you can find but they are totally worth it. The Ethic titanium bars were a limited collaboration run so if you can find them you should go for it. Described as a masterpiece the bars are SCS ready with no slit installed. Your scooter will be the best looking one in the skate park if you opt to go for these.


Titanium Scooter Bars, What’s Next?

TVPS released their own Titanium bars, with all the expertise and knowledge The Vault has you can best believe their parts are prime. These Ti bars are the perfect example.

It’s needless to say that innovations like Titanium make scooter parts exciting. We’ve recently seen Madd Gear drop their new completes that include titanium hardware and bars.

Scooter Brad recently dropped a video that showcased a Chinese manufactured titanium scooter deck! It’s safe to conclude that it’s only a matter of time before some new crazy tech makes it ways into the scootering community. When it does we will be here ready to give our .2 cents.

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