How Can I Make my 50cc Scooter Faster? Posted in: Motor Scooters

It is undeniable that 50cc scooters reach a somewhat unsatisfactory speed. Some users are unsatisfied with the default set-up. Is there a way to increase the speed of a 50cc scooter? What are the basic principles in maximizing engine performance?

There is no replacement with displacement. A statement that is true in motor vehicles. There are modifications that push the engine beyond its limit. However, these modifications can worn-out engines resulting in reduced life span. The best move to do is to maximize engine performance without causing too much stress on the engine.


Average top speed at stock set-up

The stock set-up of 50cc scooters is aligned with its capacity. Manufacturers take into consideration the ideal riding conditions of their units. As far as speed is concerned, 50cc is 50cc. Meaning, it cannot outrun higher displacement scooters. But in the realm of 50cc, there is always room to increase its speed.

Talking about top speed, 50cc scooters can run a speed up to 45 mph. Regulations and other legalities put a limit on the speed if 50cc scooters. Setting aside regulations, proper tuning and maintenance can add its speed.


Improve Airflow

There is a science behind the relationship between airflow and speed. Increased airflow is relative to engine speed. Increased airflow could mean an increase in horsepower. The term horsepower is used as a unit to measure the power of engines. The principle of increasing airflow is true in any size of the engine.


Fuel Mixture

The principle of fuel mixture is identical to airflow. This concept is also known as air and fuel mixture. The right combination of air and fuel makes the engine work properly and maximize its power. This leads to good fuel combustion at the same time not flooding excess fuel.



Here’s the concept of spark, as the engine increases in speed, the speed of the piston also increases. The spark has to occur earlier to sustain the speed. Spark has to occur in advance before the piston reaches the top of the compression stroke. It is important to have a constant check with your engine’s ignition system to ensure good fuel combustion.



Every vehicle owner knows the importance of oil maintenance. Proper oil maintenance does not only extend the life span of engines but also contributes to the contribution of speed. The oil protects the engine components against heat. It also acts as a lubricant in the engine. Hence, it is important to use good quality engine oils.


Understanding engine power generation

Presented above are the basic components to generate power. This concept is true to higher displacement scooters for they share the same principles with the 50cc category. The principle is summarized below:

A large amount of Air and Fuel Mixture + Spark = More horsepower and Speed

The equation above tells the importance of the combination of the air and fuel mixture and spark in order to generate speed.


How much increase it could give?

With the proper understanding of the concept of how engine works, applying this principle could add 5 to 10 mph speed to your 50cc scooter. Upon thinking about this upgrade, always consider the capacity and life of your engine. Another word of caution is to remember safety as you increase your scooters performance. Make sure you have the proper safety gear including a riding jacket.