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scooter jackets vs motorcycle jackets

Are you looking to buy a new jacket for your new ride so you can look cool and be safe while you’re cruising on your new two-wheeled vehicle? Then you should know what type of jacket you should buy before getting one. There’s a huge difference between a motorcycle and a scooter so each of them has their own set of equipment which are specifically made for each individual motor vehicle.

As scooters are quite different compared to motorcycles you have to get their specific type of jacket so you can be more comfortable when you’re riding. Each of them has its own type of discipline from where you can ride them to how fast you can go on it, the jacket that both of these machines that are specially made for them will be quite different from comfort, composition, and designs.

So you should learn more about what you’re buying so you won’t get any discomfort and get injured while you’re on the road. Here we will show you the comparison between both types of jackets.


Differences Between Scooter and Motorcycle Jackets

Even though a motorcycle and a scooter have the same form as a two-wheeled vehicle with an engine attached to it, these two are actually completely different from the pricing, speed, and legality. This is a common misconception that has gone through the ages that most people think that scooters and motorcycles are the same.

The main reason for this is that they have actually different purposes and places where they can be driven. Scooters are light and nimble bikes with slower and smaller engines compared with a motorcycle. They usually have no gear shifting in them so you can just simply use them with a simple twist of the throttle.

They’re mainly used in crowded areas like big cities where there’s a lot of people and traffic that you don’t need the speed to travel, but the mobility of the vehicle to squeeze through the cars in order to reach your destination.

Motorcycles, on the other hand, are built for high-speed roads like a freeway. They have much bigger engines so you can run them as fast as they’re able to be and are able to help you clear long distances in a shorter amount of time.


Recommended Jackets



Joe Rocket Atomic Motorcycle Jacket

Joe Rocket 1651-5003 Atomic Men's 5.0 Textile Motorcycle Jacket (Black, Medium)
We like the Joe Rocket motorcycle jacket because it combines Waterproof treated Rock Tex and a hardened outer shell for maximum impact resistance in case of an accident. This jacket also features removable Spine Armor allowing the wearer to find a happy medium between protection and weight.

Standout Features

  • Water proof materials
  • 5 lb. total weight
  • C.E. approved armor in shoulders & elbows




AlpineStars T-Faster Jacket

Alpinestars Men's T-Faster Air Motorcycle Jacket, Black/White, Medium
We love the AlpineStars T-Faster jacket because of it's great fit, and feel. The ventilation also stands out amongst other jacket at this price points. The T-Faster jacket offers light weight protect while remaining extremely stylish.

Standout Features

  • Pre-curved sleeves construction reduces riding fatigue
  • Reflective details provide excellent visibility
  • Mesh panels through out  to promote internal cooling airflow


older woman riding scooter


Difference in Uses

The main difference of the scooter and motorcycle jacket is that one protects you from heavy impacts from any road accidents that might happen while the other one is more on to give you that stylish look and protect you dust particles while you’re driving around the city.

The scooter jacket helps you avoid getting dirty on your way to your destination and provides warmth when you’re driving in cold temperatures.

On the other hand, motorcycle jackets mainly just help you not get any bruises that might happen when you’re driving. The jacket is also warm due to how thick the fabric is designed.


Comparison in Designs

The design on the motorcycle jacket makes it sure that it doesn’t tear off and will lessen the impact when crashing at high speeds.

It has added protections like padding all around to maximize your safety above all else. It also has reflectors attached to it so other drivers on the freeway can notice you from afar to avoid a collision.

Scooter jackets are mainly designed for the style and comfort of the rider when going through the urban streets. It keeps most air passing through you away from your body so you won’t experience being cold when driving.


Factors to Consider


1. Fabrics Used

Motorcycles usually have thicker fabrics stitched in it like Kevlar or ballistic nylon. They’re using those types of fabrics to ensure your safety when you crash at high speeds. Their durability makes it difficult to rip it off when you get dragged on the ground in case of an accident. The fabric used in a scooter jacket is lightweight and much more breathable compared to a motorcycle jacket.

The material used in it is usually synthetic polyester that can be waterproof to avoid the rider from getting wet in case it rains. They’re designed to make it much more comfortable when riding low speeds and hot areas so air can still enter in it while you’re moving slowly.


2. Levels of Protection

Due to how the motorcycle jacket is designed for protection. It has a lot of armor attached to it to ensure your safety if there will ever come a time when you’re going to have a bad crash. Its thick fabric stitching can help you slide through the asphalt without sustaining any heavy injury.

As the scooter is slow and is designed for more urbanized areas, their jackets were made for just being waterproof and dustproof. It closely resembles a windbreaker which makes its fabric quite thin. It won’t really give you that much protection as you won’t also be driving in high-speed conditions, unlike a motorcycle.


3. Difference in Comfort

When it comes to comfort, the scooter jacket will definitely be more comfortable compared to the motorcycle jacket. When it comes to a motorcycle jacket, it sacrifices comfort in order to maximize protection when you’re riding fast on the freeway. It’s also hotter due to the thickness of the fabric which makes it a bit uncomfortable when you’re riding in hot conditions.

A scooter jacket will maximize comfort as it doesn’t have that extra padding that weighs in with the motorcycle jacket. Due to how lightweight it is, it can ensure you that you can have full mobility on your body when you’re moving around while wearing it.


price difference on motorcycle jackets


Are the Prices Different?

Shockingly, both of these types of jackets actually have similar price ranges. They usually range from about $130 to $300 dollars. This usually all boils down to how the different fabrics and designs used in each jacket will boil down to the same amount of cost.

This is part of the reason why you should know what jacket you should choose as there is no cheaper alternative and you’ll be wasting your money from buying the wrong one which has the same price as the actual jacket that you need for your ride.


Closing Thoughts

When you’re on the road, safety will always be your number one priority. Getting a jacket for riding your motorcycle or scooter is important for your safety as it protects you from anything that may happen to you like crashing or other harmful elements. No matter how slow or fast you’re going, there will always be that risk factor that you need to take into account in order to save your own life.

It’s also important to take care of your jacket, make sure you’re cleaning it and maintaining it so you can be comfortable when you’re riding. Always invest in the best products that you can afford and find the right jacket that suits and fits your preferred riding style and type of vehicle that you’re riding.

You’ll never know when the time will come that the jacket you bought will be the one that’s gonna help you when you’re going to have a problem during your ride.