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what to wear on a 50cc scooter

Having your first ever 50cc scooter is a gift worth keeping. But before you hop into your new scooter and be the king of the road you always wanted to be, there are several safety measures you need to follow. One of them is knowing the right gear to wear.

In most countries, wearing the right gear is a must because it is part of the law. This applies to both motorcycles and scooters. Although scooters are more of a relaxed ride because of its lower cc, wearing proper gear is still needed. And in this article, we are going to share just about that. Without further ado, continue to read on.


Scooter Helmet

Your head is the most essential part to protect when you ride a scooter. Just like motorcycles, there are various helmets that are made specifically for scooter riders. But anyway, you can still wear a motorcycle helmet if that’s your cup of tea.

And if you want to be a little more artsy, there are plenty of artistic helmets available as well. There are astronaut heads, iron man helmets, predator faces, and the like.


The Importance of a Helmet

Accidents are inevitable. One wrong move and your face will get smashed into concrete if you are not careful enough. That’s why a scooter helmet is a must and should be the first thing you should get. A 50cc scooter may not be fast enough compared to motorcycles so accidents are highly unlikely. But still, it’s better to be safe than being dead.


Scooter Gloves

Scooter gloves give you not only style, but also safety as well. Not wearing gloves will result in sweaty hands, especially when it’s too hot outside. Having sweaty hands is a recipe for disaster. Try turning the throttle or hit the breaks with sweaty hands compared to wearing gloves and you’ll see the difference.


The Importance of Gloves

Since scooter gloves prevent your hands from sweating, this gives you a tight grip to the throttle and brakes. You will be able to speed up or slow down a bit effortlessly or turn to each corner without slipping out of control. Gloves are indeed, your lifesaver. They help keep your balance as well while you are focused on the road.


The Importance of a Scooter Jacket

A scooter jacket keeps you warm or cold depending on the weather condition. There are different kinds of scooter jackets available such as non-vented and vented ones.Scooter jackets also add style and will make you look badass on the street, even though you’re just riding a 50cc scooter.

And speaking of style, you will never run out of options for scooter jackets. Not only do scooter jackets protect you from harsh weather conditions, it also protects your skin from abrasions or road rash. Scooter jackets are like an armor of some sort to ward off on-the-road skin conditions.


Closed-Toe Footwear

Sandals or normal shoes won’t do you good for scooter riders. That’s why it’s important to wear closed-toe footwear all the time to protect your feet. Boots is the ultimate footwear to wear for scooter riders.

Not only do they look good, but they also protect your feet at the same time as well. There are plenty of stylish boots to choose from available in the market that are specifically designed for scooter and motorcycle riders.


The Importance of Boots

Boots protect your feet from different weather conditions and situations. Suppose you are riding on a rainy day into a remote forest, it will keep your feet clean, warm, and dry from all those muddy tracks your scooter is going through.

During sunny weather conditions, it will keep your feet cool and secure from being hot. And that’s just only the tip of the iceberg because boots also protect you from accidents such as ankle injury for example.


50cc scooter with helmet hanging on it


Final Thoughts

Wearing the right gear should never be overlooked. Accidents are just around the corner and not wearing proper scooter gear is a disaster waiting to happen. Be a mindful rider.

Just because you are riding a scooter, which is a lower-end version of a motorcycle, doesn’t mean you don’t have to follow safety rules. Remember, safety starts with you. So get yourself some proper scooter gear before it’s too late.