Are Pogo Sticks Good For Exercise Posted in: Outdoors

Pogo sticks have been around for a while as entertainment or toy for children. Researchers have conducted studies that show its benefits and how it dramatically improves one’s health and mood. It is an excellent way you can stay fit and healthy. We should all thank the pogo stick inventor!

The pogo stick is a good exercise for kids as well as adults. It is an enjoyable activity that helps to improve both your mental and physical health. Learn more about pogo sticks and its benefits below.


Benefits Of Pogo Stick Workout

Working out on a pogo stick has numerous benefits for the mind and body. It is an intense physical activity that uses multiple muscle groups without you even realizing it because of all the fun. The following are some of the advantages you’ll get when exercising with a pogo stick.

1.       Improves Mental Health

Playing outdoors will boost your mental health. Studies show that getting your vitamin D and exercise improves your mood and helps fight depression.


2.      Good Cardio Exercise

Jumping for an hour or so on a pogo stick makes the heart pump faster. Nothing beats getting great cardio or aerobic workout while having fun. The exercise strengthens your heart muscles and prolongs your life.


3.      Helps Lose Weight

An hour of bouncing burns 600 calories on average. Jumping higher will even help you burn more body fat. Try this only if you are more skilled and comfortable in using your pogo stick.


4.      Strengthens Back Muscles

Bouncing on a pogo stick requires you to maintain your balance consistently. This activity employs your back muscles as you work to stabilize yourself on the stick. For your safety, just keep your back straight, and refrain from twisting your body as it can injure your back.


5.      Tones Core Muscles

While jumping up and down, you can practice tensing your abs muscles. Your core and back muscles will work together to keep you balanced. This technique will tone your core muscles faster.


6.      Great Leg Workout

Using the pogo stick is an excellent workout for your legs. You are using both quadriceps and calves during this exercise. It can be a little tough on your knees and ankles, so it is better to start easy and gradually build up the intensity.


7.      Firm Butt and Thighs

Your gluteal muscles and thighs get the exercise they need from the bouncing motion. Adding more force and height to your bounce maximizes your gain. Make sure to practice and get more experience with your pogo stick before trying this exercise.


Pogo Stick Safety Tips

Like any equipment, using pogo sticks is safe if you use it correctly and responsibly. Here are a few safety and care tips that you should follow.

1. Wear protective gear. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you need to wear safety equipment to prevent any injury. Put on a helmet, elbow cushions, and knee pads. Don’t forget to wear shoes as well.

2. Adjust the handlebars. Place your feet firmly on the pedals, with your knees slightly flexed. Adjust the handlebars so that it reaches the top of your hipbones.

3. Bounce only on even surfaces. Use the pogo stick on flat and solid ground. Avoid any grassy field, slick surface, or any ground with steep incline or decline. Look for open areas where you won’t risk hurting other people or objects.

4. Practice proper posture for safety. Hold the pogo stick close to your body while bouncing. Lean your upper body slightly over the handlebars. Practice bouncing a few times by pumping down with your feet to get the hang of it.

5. Clean and care regularly. Make sure that you secure and fasten all the parts of your pogo stick before use. Always keep it clean and don’t leave it out exposed in the weather.


How To Choose The Right PogoStick

There are pogo sticks made for different ages and height. To ensure your safety and comfort, you must choose a pogo stick with the right measurement and materials that fit you.

Choose a pogo stick that measures 46 inches, if you are 5’5″ tall. Anyone between 5’6″ and 5’11” should look for 51-inch pogo sticks while people who are 6 feet or taller must use pogo-sticks that are 56 inches or longer.

Its durability and comfort will depend on the types of material. Children should opt for foam covered pogo sticks for safety. And, for those who want to use it for doing flips or jumps, there are lightweight and more pricey choices in the market.


The Bottom Line

Exercising with pogo sticks are great for strengthening and toning muscles, improving your balance, helps you lose weight, keep your heart healthy, and make you feel better. It enhances both your physiological and psychological well-being.

Knowing how to use your pogo sticks properly will help you stay safe while working out. It is also important not to perform any tricks or jumps without training or experience. Keep in mind to always wear protective gear to avoid any injury.

The pogo stick is a good exercise that will help you stay active, healthy, and happy.