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Fat tire electric scooters are exploding in popularity and it’s easy to understand why. They’re a fun and exciting way to travel. The electric motor provides all the power and thrills of a regular electric scooter, while the wide tires provide a smoother, more stable ride experience.

Fat tire scooters have several perks. Most standing scooters fold up, making them easy to transport and store. They don’t use fuel, which makes them eco-friendly, and potentially saves you gas money. Plus, you get transportation and recreation all in one!


Best Fat Tire Electric Scooters

There are a variety of options when it comes to picking a big tire electric scooter. Whether you’re looking for a new way to commute to work or for off-road recreation, our list will help you find the right scooter for you.

Product Name Best for Max Range
Mercane Wide Wheel Pro Safety 30 miles
Toxozers City Coco Two riders 20 miles
eDrift ES295 2.0 Commuting on the road 55 miles
Dualtron Thunder Long Distances 80 miles
Qiewa Q-Power Speed 55 miles
Phat Scooters Phatty Customization 50 miles
Skooza K1S Balance 35 miles
Kaboo Wolf Warrior 11 Off-roading 70 miles
UberScoot Dual ride styles 12 miles
Razor E-XR Beginners 16 miles


The Best Fat Tire Electric Scooters: Reviews

Our reviews break down the key features that are important to choosing a scooter.

Mercane WideWheel Pro – Best for Safety

Motor: 2x 500W

Top Speed: 26 mph

Range: Up to 30 miles

Features: foldable, smart display, cruise control, front and rear disc brakes, ECO mode, POWER mode 

The WideWheel Pro offers plenty of safety features. The smart display lets you track your speed, mileage, and battery charge. No need to worry about wobble with a thick stem and strong materials. Front and rear disc brakes reduce braking time and distance. Plus, bright lights in the front and back help assure you can see and be seen.


TOXOZERS Adult Citycoco – Best for Two People

Motor: 1000W

Top Speed: 20 mph

Range: Up to 20 miles

Features: 450lb weight limit, two padded seats, key start, 6-8 hour charge time, 8-inch ground clearance

If you like to ride with a passenger, look at the Citycoco. This two-seater scooter boasts a 450lb weight limit, more than any other seated scooter on this list. It’s built for comfort with padded seating, hydraulic shocks, and 8-inch ground clearance. There’s also a backrest to keep your riding partner secure.


eDrift ES295 2.0 – Best Street Commuter

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Motor: 2000W

Top Speed: 30 mph

Range: Up to 55 miles 

Features: 330lb weight limit, hydraulic brakes, 6-8 hour charge time

The eDrift ES295 is the only scooter on this list with the claim of being street legal. It’s long-range makes it an ideal option to get to and from work on one charge. Responsive handlebars make it easy to steer, and the hydraulic disk brake system creates a smooth stop. This scooter also has several upgrades, including a remote start.


Dualtron Thunder – Best for Long Distances

Dualtron Thunder High Speed Electric E Scooter for Adults, 5400W Peak Power Dual Motor | Max Speed 40+mph | 60V 2072Wh...
  • Bloc dual hub motor max 5400W - a motor propels the e-scooter to a max speed of 40+ MPH; high capacity 60V 34. 5Ah 2072Wh leg battery with a maximum Travel range of up to 80 miles
  • Anti-lock brake system (ABS) - built-in 3rd generation Daltron hydraulic brake and enable braking with less effort and excellent braking power, while retaining stability in speed control
  • 5 types of adjustable rubber Suspension - easily replace the suspension rubber cartridges to adjust the strength of the e-scooter suspension your liking. The rubber cartridges are graded for different...

Motor: 5400W

Top Speed: 4+0 mph

Range: Up to 80 miles

Features: 330lb weight limit, 5.3+ hour charge time depending on the charger, blue bottom mood lights, ABS brakes

Looking to go the distance? The Dualtron Thunder has an impressive top range of 80 miles. It also claims to be the only electric standing scooter with ABS brakes. Your scooter can have the same brake system as your car.

Dualtron also offers some fun aesthetic features. The bottom has blue mood lights, and you can choose what color to set your illuminated handlebar.


Qiewa Q-POWER – Best Speed

Motor: 3200W

Top Speed: 55 mph

Range: Up to 55 miles 

Features: Off-road capable, foldable, key start, 660lb weight limit, water-resistant, power-saving mode

If you want to go fast, check out the Qiewa Q-POWER. This zippy standing scooter can reach up to 55mph. The off-road capabilities make it easier to find a safe place to take advantage of its quickness. Built to withstand shock and vibrations, you’ll have a stable ride at any speed.


Phat Scooters PHATTY – Most Customizable

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Motor: 1200W

Top Speed: 20 mph

Range: Up to 50 miles 

Features: 440lb weight limit, 2-6 hour charge time, phone holder, drink holder, ABS hydraulic brakes, three drive modes

Phat Scooters’ Phatty offers all the essential features of a seated big tire scooter and plenty more. A cup holder, phone holder, and rear safety mirrors come standard. There are also several ways to customize the looks. Choose from 26 different footboard graphics and fender colors, or customize your own.


Skooza K1S – Best Balance

Motor: 1500W

Top Speed: 28 mph

Range: Up to 35 miles 

Features: 400lb weight limit, 5 hour charge time, self-balanced, electronic motor lock for theft deterrence

The Skooza K1s has “the widest stance and lowest center of gravity in the industry.” The lightweight frame and 9.5-inch tires provide stability for easy handling and parking. Skooza also has plenty of accessories. From storage options to remote start wristbands, you can make sure your scooter has the extras you want to meet your needs. 


Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 – Best Off-Road Electric Scooter

Motor: 2x 1200W

Top Speed: 50 mph

Range: Up to 70 miles 

Features: Off-road capable, 330lb weight limit, 8 hour charge time, foldable, front and rear LEDs

The Kaaboo Wolf Warrior 11 is our top pick for an off-road electric scooter. Ride rugged terrains with ease using the scooter’s motorcycle-grade shock absorbers and a rear spring brake. Take it on off-road paths using the powerful motor that can climb 30% inclines.


UberScoot – Best 2-in-1

Motor: 1600W

Top Speed: 30 mph

Range: Up to 12 miles

Features: 265lb weight limit, 6-8 hour charge time, eco mode, off-road capable, foldable

The UberScoot is a rare 2-in-1 electric scooter. The seat is removable, allowing you to choose whether you ride sitting or standing. It is also the only seated scooter on the list that can fold down for storage. Reviewers also loved the speed restriction option and a sturdy build for their kids.


Razor E-XR – Best Beginner Electric Scooter

Motor: 350W

Top Speed: 17 mph

Range: Up to 16 miles

Features: 220lb weight limit, front and rear LED, can be ridden like a regular kick scooter

If you’re looking to ease into using an electric scooter, the E-XR is a good option. It offers the sturdiness of fat tires with a lower top speed. You can even use it as a regular kick scooter. The thumb-activated paddle control provides a similar driving experience to rentable city scooters.


Finding the Best Fat Tire Electric Scooter

fat tire scooter

Spend time figuring out what is most important to you in your fat tire electric scooter. Will it be used for a commute or just recreation? Do you prefer to stand or sit? How important are safety features?

Answering these questions will go a long way in making a decision. Here are some key features to look at when answering these questions:

  • Range
  • Top speed
  • How long it takes to charge
  • Lights
  • Off-road capability
  • Size
  • Theft deterrents


Other Considerations

Before committing to a scooter, know your local electric scooter laws. Here are the main things to look out for:

  1. Speed limits
  2. Where riding is permitted
  3. Age restrictions
  4. Registration requirements
  5. Helmet laws

It’s also essential to get the right safety gear. Wear a helmet when riding your scooter to keep safe. Our bike helmet guide can help you figure out sizing. The higher speed you go, the more robust a helmet you will need. Knee pads and rash guards are also worth consideration.