How Much Does an Electric Scooter Cost? Posted in: Electric Scooters

They have become a common sight in our cities and suburbs. Kids use them for sport; college students utilize them to get across campus, and even working adults have them as their primary mode of commuting. The electric scooter has taken off as one of the most popular types of recreation and transportation. Now you want to give it a try, and the first question you ask is, “How much does an electric scooter cost?

Like all modes of transportation, the price can vary depending on what you want. Construction, materials, type of motor, and extra amenities all factor into the final equation. Here is what to look for so you know how much you will be taking out of your pocketbook.


Price Largely Depends on The Type of Electric Scooter

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Electric scooters are divided into two categories, adult and kid. The adult scooter is larger and sturdier. Some adult models are fitted with a seat for more comfort on longer trips. The kid models do not generally come with seats but might offer seat attachments for upgrades.

Although electric scooters have standard equipment such as batteries, controllers, brakes, deck, handlebars, lights, motor, stem, suspension, and tires, the quality, and the extra features will vary. Not surprisingly, this will affect how much an electric scooter will cost.


How Much Does An Electric Scooter Generally Costs?

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Base models, such as the Commuter V2 and Mi M65, will range between $300 to $400. The low mid-range to mid-range scooters like the FFR Horizon and the Zero 10X hit price points between $800 to $1650. Most cost increases result from better suspension, better options on the controller, a more powerful motor, and batteries with greater range.

If extravagance is the name of your game, you can opt for top of the line models like the Mantis Pro ($2099) or the Wolf Warrior ($2899). Then there is the ultimate in luxury, the Dualtron Thunder that carries a price tag of $3799. These scooters feature batteries that can hold 2000 to 3,000-watt-hours, pneumatic tires, 1200-watt motors, and can reach speeds in excess of 45 mph.


Choosing Your Price Point

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Like all these types of purchases, finding your price point is dependent on your budget and then cross-referencing it with what best meets your needs. The Electric Ride Lab has some reliable charts that will help you identify the features and costs that works for you.


Do your research. Make sure that any additional amenities are worth the cost increase. Then buy the best quality within your budget. The electric scooter that offers ease and adds enjoyment is always worth the price.