Fuzion Pro Scooters Ace Wheel 120mm


The Rider’s Choice just got better: a custom designed core and an even higher performing Smooth Tech PU continue to raise the bar on Fuzion’s legendary wheel game. The new Ace 120mm split 6 spoke wheel rolls on Fuzion’s brand new Yellow Jackets ABEC 9 bearings with their distinctive yellow shield and bombproof construction. Available in 3 different colorways that will suit any ride you’re on.
Wheel Size: 120mmPU: 88A
Bearings: ABEC 9
Colorways: Black Core/Blue PU, Oil Slick Core /Black PU, Smoke Core/Black PU


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Fuzion is a quality brand with a solid team of riders lead by Tyler Chaffin. Their 2018 Z-Series put them on the map as a major player in the scooter industry.


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